Monday Miles: 2,000 Miles!

"WHOOOT!!! We did it guys!! 2,027 miles!"

2,027 miles! With the miles I already know have been done last week we crossed the 2000 mile mark!

That is no small feat and I want to thank you all for your hard work to accomplish such an amazing thing!

We clock in with a new personal high of 175 miles. We’re finally getting back on track with a couple of two mile walks. Magnus’ back leg is still not 100% so I’m not pushing him, but man are we both happy to be back in the trail again.

So what about the rest of everyone? I’m sure you have miles to report and I want to hear them all. In the mean time give yourselves all a big pat on the back, we’ve done an awesome job so far!


Monday Miles: Are Dogs Color Blind?

Just a quick check in for Monday Miles. We log in with 8 miles bringing us to a grand total of 147 miles for the year.

The last two weeks continue to be slow walking for us since Magnus is still on limited activity and then last Thursday he took a turn for the worse. We went back to the vet today this afternoon, but more on that later.

Since other than vet issue’s I have nothing too exciting to share, here’s some interesting trivia for your Monday Miles. Do dogs see in color?

I’ve heard dogs are color blind. I knew that wasn’t strictly true. I know from Meeka that dogs appreciate some colors more than others. I have no idea why, but our big girl would always choose a pink toy. Even after reading this explanation in Psychology Today about what colors dogs can see, I still don’t know why she loved pink. You could hold out two exact same toys to her and if one was pink she’d choose that one every time.

"Just cause I'm big and black I can't love pink too?"

The article explains, “dogs actually do see color, but many fewer colors than normal humans do. Instead of seeing the rainbow as violet, blue, blue-green, green, yellow, orange and red, dogs would see it as dark blue, light blue, gray, light yellow, darker yellow (sort of brown), and very dark gray. In other words, dogs see the colors of the world as basically yellow, blue and gray. They see the colors green, yellow and orange as yellowish, and they see violet and blue as blue. Blue-green is seen as a gray.”

So I can’t say what color Meeka was seeing when we handed her a pink toy, but whatever color it was she liked it!

So if dogs see primarily in shades of yellow, blue and gray why do they make dogs toys in every color of the rainbow?

The simple answer is marketing. Humans see and are attracted to vibrant colors thus we choose the brightest toys even though what we see wont be what our 4legged friends see. The article explains, “One amusing or odd fact is that the most popular colors for dog toys today are red or safety orange (the bright orange red on traffic cones or safety vests). However red is difficult for dogs to see. It may appear as a very dark brownish gray or perhaps even a black. This means that that bright red dog toy that is so visible to you may often be difficult for your dog to see. That means that when your own pet version of Lassie runs right past the toy that you tossed she may not be stubborn or stupid. It may be your fault for choosing a toy with a color that is hard to discriminate from the green grass of your lawn.”

Remember your level 2 Training Levels homework? “List ten possible reasons a dog may not “obey a command”. You can now add “The dog may not be able to discriminate the color of a toy thrown.”

Who new trivia could explain dog behavior too?


The Winners Are. . .

The time has come for the first ever Lessons From 4 Legs giveaway to come to a close. The giveaway marks the six month mark of our year long Walking Challeng. I’m happy to announce a new Walking Challenge total of 1,657 miles!

That is truly an amazing collective achievement and we’ve also had many individual accomplishments over the last six months.

To celebrate all of our success I’m happy to announce the winners of the Halfway Giveaway.

Congratulations to Elizabeth, Cocoa and Oreo, the winners of the first drawing.

Together they’ve walked 88 miles since joining the Challenge in March. For all their effort they will soon receive custom made fleece leashes with matching fleece balls. Cocoa and Oreo are two fun loving poodles who live with their mom, who’s a master at saving money. Check out Oreo’s Oval Office, Cocoa’s Corner and pick a coupon clipping tip from their mom.

Our second winner is one of our best 4legged friends.

Dare and her family of five other of our favorite 4legged friends keep their mom on her toes walking and training them. They not only reported that they are current on their goal of 365 miles in 365 days, they’ve surpassed that goal by over 100 miles! They currently have over 500 miles to their credit. That’s truly amazing and we’re thrilled they have enjoyed the Challenge so much. They’ve done so well that Marie set a new goal for the year and hopes to reach 1000 miles. They’ll soon be enjoying their very own snuggle and fun pack of a fluffy mat and their own fleece tug toys.

Chispita and Beth are the winners of third drawing. They recieves this honor for doing her own post about the Walking Challenge.

Chispita and Beth set a unique goal to walk seven hours a week. They’ve so far enjoyed over 68 hours of walking fun together. For their hard work they’ll recieve a special clicker trainers package that includes a treat bag, treats and a clicker. If you haven’t read Chispita’s Walking Challenge post I highly recommend hopping over and checking it out. While you’re there why not join Fun Friday with Beth and Chispita?

The giveaway has been really fun! For you lucky winners please email me an address to send your prizes too.

We’re halfway through the year folks, lets keep up the hard work and finish out the year with a bang!


Countdown to the Halfway Giveaway

The Halfway Giveaway is in the final countdown!

One week from today on July 1, 2011 we will be halfway through our 2011 Walking Challenge. That means this is the week you have to get your final entries in for the Halfway Giveaway.

As a reminder of the rules there are three chances to win. Just by being entered you all have your first chance to win.

Then if your are caught up with your personal goal you have a second chance to win. Here’s the catch for that, please let me know by July 1 if you are up to date with your goal. I have a record of what your goal is, but not when you started your challenge so it’s up to you to let me know if the figure I have is correct and if you are up to date with your goal. If I don’t know if you’re up to date I can’t enter you in the drawing.

Your third chance to win is by writing a post about the walking challenge and linking back here. So far this is who I know has written posts:

If you’ve written a post and I missed it I’m so sorry! Leave the link for me and I’ll get it posted for you.

Remember you’re in the running for three great prizes here including a fleece leash, a Magnus approved fleece toy and mat, even a clicker training pack is up for grabs!

So how ’bout it? Who’s on track with their goal? Any posts out there I’ve missed? As always if the numbers I have down for you are incorrect due to my math dyslexia please feel free to correct me!

Let me know as I’m getting all the book keeping done now so I’m ready in ONE WEEK to pull those numbers and give away some great prizes for all your hard work!


Monday Miles and Magnus Limp

This was supposed to be an amusing anecdote about the hazards of dog walking, but Magnus has a limp and I’m not feeling very amusing at the moment.

Since I just spent the last two hours on the computer and phone trying to figure out what to do with my boy I’m out of time for posting, but I still do want to know how the week went for everyone. Let’s hear those miles!

Before the limp started we logged in 11 miles bringing us to a grand total of 130 miles for the year. I’m excited to be creeping up to where I won’t be behind anymore, although it doesn’t look like it will be in time for the Halfway Giveaway, especially if we end up doing crate rest for a sprain or something.

I hate mysterious symptoms. It’s probably nothing serious, but it brings back all the memories of Maizey’s knees and Meeka’s degenerative myelopathy. Not fun times in my life of dogs. I hate for my pups to not feel good!

So instead of amusing anecdotes about the hazards of bugs on walks I’m obsessing about strange limps and little boy puppies who don’t feel good. Please brighten my day with some amusing walking anecdotes of your own! I need the distraction, especially since it doesn’t look like we’re getting a walk in today.


Monday Miles: Country Getaways

To keep with the epitome of laziness I’ve been this last week, Monday Miles is late getting posted. But we really do want to know how the week went for everyone so lets hear those miles folks!

We managed 11 miles, bringing us to 119 for the year. We are on a country getaway to take care of Dare’s 4legged friends while she went on vacation with her mom and dad. It’s been a great trip! I planned on walking a lot down here, but there’s so much flooding our regular routes are closed and when we got down here I got into vacation mode and didn’t do near as much as I thought I would.

Magnus can fill you in on what we did instead:

"We got so lazy when we got here we didn't even walk much, instead we just laid in the shade. My poor Maizey's eyes are itchy and bad, I tried to lick them better and I got in trouble!"

"Frisbee's the best game ever! I'm the fastest boy here and always get it first!"

"This frisbee thing is great, but sometimes I just see red when I'm playing!"

"This is our 4legged friend, Twist. He's a cool kid, he likes to play frisbee too!"

"Then my Crazymomlady said I had to quit playing and learn my new Training Level's stuff. Do I really have to learn EVERYTHING on this list??"

“By the end of the days we were so tired from all that playing we had to take up the whole couch to get our rest. Tomorrow’s another day of frisbee!”

We head home tomorrow, but it’s been a great trip and we hope to get in a couple more country walks before we head back to the city.

Until then, let’s hear those miles!


Tuesday Totals and Spring Flowers

It was another banner Walking Challenge week with 1,430 miles as a final total. Great job everyone!

This weeks’ 4legged Walking Challenge lesson comes from Bert and Vicky. Bert explains, “. . . We only got 6 miles this week but we learned a very important lesson. WE had the time to do all 10 miles but if we had done that we wouldn’t have gotten the special one on one time we had with My Vickies mother.

She had seen all the great pictures of where we had been walking and called My Vickie and asked to come along. We couldn’t cover as much ground as we would have if we had gone a long (just me and My Vickie) but we would never have had such pleasant walks and wonderful conversation either.

My vickie and her mom are very close and so this time together was way worth the sacrifice in miles.”

We’ve enjoyed many walks with lots of different friends and though we may not cover as many miles, or do as much training, but we have a wonderful time! I find walking with different 2legged and 4legged friends keeps things fresh and helps get me out there on those days I may not want to as much.

Maybe inviting someone new on one of your walks would be a nice way to keep things fresh for you too.

We have another new member this week. Lydia has a set a goal of seven miles a week with her new 4legged friend Adonis, a Pit Bull St. Bernard cross. I hope walking together will be a good relationship builder for them. Welcome to the Challenge Team Adonis!

Magnus and Maizey want to tell you about our favorite walk from last week. We finally made it into the hills for a hike and it was gorgeous!

"We took our Crazymomlady for a hike to see wildflowers!"

"It was so bright and hot I could hardly keep my eyes open!"

"So we cooled off in the river."

Then we zoooomied for recalls!"

"By the end I was tired and DIRTY!"

"Come back tomorrow to see if my Crazymomlady remembered to pack ME for our trip!"!