Can You Help Maizey and Magnus Choose New Names?

I’m trying to choose Registered names for the dogs. I’ve it narrowed down to my favorites, but I’m not going to tell you which ones since I want to know what you all think of the options. Do you want to help me choose?

For Maizey the options are:

  • My May Sunshine
  • Pearl of Sunshine
  • Sunshine of My Eye
  • Pearldrops of Sunshine

For Magnus the options are:

  • Jester of Magnificence
  • Magnificent Jester
  • Make A Magnificent Jester

I’ve been working in this for over a week and still can’t decide so plesae help me out! Cast your vote in a comment. I’ve given myself till Monday to figure it out so I’ll post the results then. Of course if you have any better idea’s or tips on how to choose a cool registered name I’d love to hear those too!


Wordless Wednesday: Happy Maizey at the Park



You’ve never been smothered until you’ve been smothered by a Cavalier. We call these face hugs. They’re a Princessface Maizey specialty.

Does your Cav do this or something similar?


For Everyone Who Loves a 4legged Friend With Issues

I have never made it a secret of how it feels to have a fearful dog. The highs, the lows, the utter despair, the rejoicing at the slightest bit of progress- I’ve been frank.

But this is the post I’ve always wanted to write and never had the courage. It’s the post full of blatant anthropomorphism. The post where I speak for Maizey as I think she speaks to me. As such I beg some leniency. There is a point to this and I beg you bear with me as I get to it.

People need to know that how they feel when living with a fearful, anxious dog is normal. It’s a roller coaster ride and sometimes you feel utterly helpless. Today was that day.

I don’t know why, but this morning Maizey was in utter panic mode. Barking, pacing, and the hardest of all, begging me to help her.

The conversation goes like this:

Maizey is barking at the window. She paces, runs around seemingly aimlessly. Her face drawn back, tail frantically wagging. She barks and runs to me, “MOM! MOM! MOM! It’s scary and I don’t like it!”

“Okay,” I say, “thanks for telling me what can we do? How ’bout a yummy Kong? Now go settle.”

“NO! MOM! MOM! MOM! It’s still there! Pick me up and hold me! MOM! Fix it!”

“Okay, thanks for telling me, let’s put your Thundershirt on and settle.”

It takes five minutes of struggling to put on her TS, normally a 30 second job. It takes five minutes because all she wants to do is crawl into my arms and be held. We get it done and I hold her for a few minutes, do a few minutes of calming touch and accupressure then ask her to settle on her special safe mat. Two minutes later she’s up pacing and barking.

“MOM! MOM! MOM! It’s still there. I’m still scared. Fix it!”

So we dose her with flower essences, I hold her for a few more minutes and then settle her on her special mat again. At this point I’m feeling bad, I want to fix it, but I suspect it’s the weather that has set her off and I can’t stop the storm of her anxiety let alone the rain.

Then I start getting ready for work and the barking, pacing, panting anxiety ratchets up another notch and she starts paw touching me, “MOM! MOM! MOM! Fix it! Fix it!”

“Okay, show me what it is.” We wander through the house seeing nothing, but she’s clearly telling me something. Too bad I have no idea what it is.

So I sit and cradle her, rubbing her belly and the whole time breathing slowly myself to keep me calm. Slow, soft touches, slow, soft breaths, a yawn thrown in for a calming signal, keeping my head turned slightly away and I feel her heart beat slow just a bit. By now I’m getting late for work, so I try to settle her once again on her mat. The minute I move I feel her heart rate soar. But I’m late and I have to go so I ask her to settle in her spot with a yummy Kong again.

She try’s. She heaves a sigh, gives herself a little shake. I tell her quietly, “good girl” and she lays down. But for the five minutes she lays there she gives me frequent lip licks and never lays her head down.

What are you supposed to do as the MOM? I want to fix it. I want to make her feel better, but I do have to go to work. She does have to stay home and it is going to keep storming. One of her safe people is working and the other one is out of town for the day. I’ve used all the skills we have time for and nothing is helping. You can see where the helplessness comes in.

Thus I get to the point. Having a fearful, anxious dog is a lot of work. And the worry doesn’t end when you walk out the door. One of the trainers at work is dealing with a dog that’s started being afraid of her house. What do you do when your dog doesn’t want to come home anymore?

Our part-time girl, Chloe, is terrified in the car. Shakes like a leaf and cries the second you get on the freeway, but recovers beautifully when she gets out and has a great time where ever they are. So do you leave her home all the time? No, you just feel helpless and bad for her the whole time she’s scared and be thankful she recovers fast.

I’ve been watching some sessions at work with an aggressive dog. Her dad rescued her with no idea she had any issues, but has loyally worked with her. Thankfully he’s finally seeing progress, but tonight he told me, “I was getting so discouraged. I didn’t know if she could be helped.”

Sadly sometimes you can’t help. So for all you loyal moms and dads out there who love and take care of a one of those 4legged friends with issues I say: “You’re not alone! We all feel helpless and it’s okay to hurt for your issue pup. It’s normal to worry and feel frustrated. And let’s be honest our issue pups know we feel that way, but that’s okay too. Just keep working, don’t give up! Most all remember, even on the worst of days when you just can’t “fix it” and have to leave your scared little Princessface home alone, when you come back to her she’ll still curl up with you and smother you in Cavalier ears. Most of all, she won’t hold it against you and will give you another chance tomorrow to find new fixes. Until then, give her a snuggle and be glad for all she teaching you. She’s worth it!


Wordless Wednesday: Baths Are So Exhausting

"How could you do this to us?"


Monday Miles: 207 Miles

I’m happy to report we got out of our slump and log in with 207 miles. It feels great to have passed the 200 mile mark. I feel like no matter what happens the Walking Challenge is a success for us. I’m sure I’ve never walked over 200 miles with any of my dogs in a year.

I’m hoping to hear from everyone since it’s a new month. We really have accomplished so much and with the last months of the year upon us I hope we all push through the winter and feel like we finish the year successful. As far as I’m concerned we’ve all done great!

Since I’m all out of words tonight I leave you with the frolicking monkey’s who also think we’ve all done fabulous with our Walking Challenge!


A Little of This and a Little of That

It has been hard to find time to post lately and I really miss blogging. Between writing my lesson plans for the classes I’m assisting and hope to teach one day soon, writing the column for the local paper, reading my reference books for my CPDT, working, walking, and life. . . Whew! Blogging just seems to get neglected. So prepare yourself for one of these chatty posts that contain little useful info, but I always enjoy going back and reading.

First I want to send thoughts to our blogging friend Gizmo. He was just diagnosed  with osteosarcoma and needs all the well wishes we can send him. Having lost a Rottie to this awful disease, my heart goes out to him and his family. maybe you can hope over and leave him and his mom a note or send some kind thoughts his way. The end is the worst part of having a dog and I know we’ve all been through it.

"Do you have to go again??"

On a lighter and less important note, my last column was about how to choose the best dog for you, which is funny cause lately I’ve been puppy dreaming over a totally new breed. I love my Cav’s, but I’m fascinated by the differences on breeds. This week we had a 10 week old French Bulldog in puppy class. I’m now obsessed with Frenchies. That little dog is so funny! He’s totally a big dog in a little, teeny, tiny body. The AKC describes them as, “a clown in the cloak of a philosopher.” I love puppy dreaming. It’s totally unrealistic, but it fun.

The dogs aren’t loving me working. They really can’t understand why Crazymomlady is gone so much, but I think they’re loving the perks of all the good stuff I keep bringing home.

I’m reading Patricia McConnell’s Fiesty Fido Help For the Leash Reactive Dog. It’s interesting, as all of her stuff is. She talks about why dogs react on leash. Of course she presents the reason most of us are familiar with, the “I’ll scare you before you scare me” train of thought.

She also talks about exuberant frustration, where a dog is not afraid, but overly friendly and after so many times of being stopped from greeting the other dog by the leash he develops a negative association with the approach of another dog. These dogs often play nice when off leash, but the years of frustration of being denied what they want boils over into aggression when on leash.

One idea I had never thought of was that a dog who barks and lunges to the end of his collar associates the pain caused by the a collar check with the approach of another dog. You can imagine how this would be exacerbated by a training or prong collar.

On a totally different note, remember when I was worried about Magnus being ginormous? Well he is! We had to go to the vet last week and he weighs 19 pounds! I don’t know why but just in the last week or so he started looking really grown up to me. That’s probably why I’ve been so puppy hungry. I was always worried if he weighed that much he would look fat, but the bet said he was perfect for his structure. He really is a sold boy, but I think the thing that makes him look more grownup than anything is he’s finally getting his ears on him. I love Cavalier ears, and his are going to be great. Sometimes he just looks like a little lion with is read hair all fluffy.

Obviously I fell off the Relaxation Protocol band wagon. Now of course I regret letting myself slack cause Maizey’s stress level has been higher this week than in the last month combined. I intend to remedy that today.

So all in all we’re doing good. I’m Working on a monday miles post now so start getting your miles ready for tomorrow. I’d love to hear from every member of the Challenge.  So there’s my chatty post. Lots going on and still more to do as usual. I hope you all keep checking by!