A New Limp? Sigh!

You probably think all we do around here is relax lately, but you’d be oh so wrong!

The last two days have had very little relaxing in them for me or the dogs. We had a yard sale yesterday. It started out as a small affair and a way to get rid of those old things that aren’t trash, but are just eating up space in the closets. It turned into a lot of work!

Now it’s done I can get back to normal with things. . . except I have no idea what normal is.

Maybe an update will help me find my bearings.

Magnus last tricks class was on Thursday and we didn’t get to go because I strained my back sorting things for the yard sale. Magnus and I both spent the day on ice packs. You’re probably thinking he would need ice on that same dreaded strained front leg, but no. Ironically I haven’t seen him limp on that leg in over a week. No, now he’s come up with a new mysterious lameness in his rear left leg. It hasn’t been making us very happy!

It’s a strange limp since he will be fine and then just come up totally lame. He holds his leg straight out and won’t put any weight on it at all. It looks suspiciously similar to when Maizeys’ patella’s went bad and I would be much more worried, except he has had his knees cleared by three different vets.

At first I thought the pain was in his back, but now I’m worried it may be coming from his hip. It’s hard to tell since it doesn’t happen everyday and once I massage and ice his leg and back for a minute he seems perfectly fine.

I sort of think it could just be that over a month of limping has thrown him out of alignment and we just need to keep up with his range of motion work and slowly keep building up our endurance of walking to get more exercise. He has another massage this month so hopefully that will help him.

Maizey has continued with a similar level of improvement of the Fluoxetine. Tomorrow it will be three weeks since she started it and I’ll put all the details into their own post.

I appreciate what we’re learning with her Relaxation Protocol, but it sure does eat up my blogging time to post RP everyday. I only have so much time for blogging, though I wish it was more, and I’m sure you’re all bored of reading about my little Princessface laying on her mat. Other than yard sale news I really haven’t had time for much else, but like I said hopefully now I’ll be getting back to normal with some interesting things for you all to read!


Whew! What A Week of Dog Rehab!

This week has been the week of 4legged rehab. Between vet visits for Magnus leg and Maizey’s anxiety we have spent the whole week working on getting them feeling better.

Magnus leg got really bad a week ago last Thursday. I got him into a different vet at the same clinic on Monday and after narrowing it down to a soft tissue injury the vet put him on complete rest. This is the go outside to potty, come back in, can’t even train, or go to class last week, yes his head is exploding with energy type of rest. He also started him on an anti-inflammatory. I’m unsure of why they didn’t do that earlier since it seems to have really helped.

The ban on all movement really put a cramp in our training since all we can train is non-movement related things. Their mat work has had a serious workout,we’ve done stays and tons of targeting. I finally broke down tonight and worked some simple spins and twirls, and in desperation let him slowly follow the target stick. He thinks that game is great. The rest he’s a bit bored with and honestly so am I.

I’m so glad to see improvement in him, if he keeps getting better we can start doing a little on Tuesday, after his week of enforced laying around is over. It will be slow going to get back to normal. For the first week he’ll still be cleared for only half, yes I said HALF, a mile per day walking. I swear when we walk that short of a distance he just thinks I’m crazy. I start for home and he starts dragging, walking slower and slower, like, “Are you kidding me?!? We are NOT done with our walk yet!”

Before out enforced laziness of the last week I was letting all of our walks be “follow your nose” walks. He just sniffs his way around and I follow him where ever he goes. It’s incredibly fun for him, but incredibly boring for me, but since we could only walk around the block it’s not like it’s roaring fun for me anyways and I figure one of us may as well enjoy ourselves. Needless to say our Walking Challenge miles are in sad shape.

I went to Tricks class without him on Thursday night. It’s really strange feeling to go to dog class without your dog. I felt naked! Our instructor is great and said I could work one of her dogs. They are all super smart and so well trained! I was like, “Sure I’ll work one of your wonder dogs, no pressure there at all!” But it was really fun working her little black poodle and now at least I’m not a week behind even if I couldn’t teach magnus what I learned.

He was so happy yesterday when he finally got to leave the yard for the first time in 4 days. I took him to get a massage. (Do you know there are people out there who actually have dogs that stay home all the time? I was trying to think of the last time I went four days without taking a dog somewhere, then I realized I’m probably the abnormal one as most dogs do stay home most of the time, just not my dogs.)

Ah, but I digress, so I took him out to get a massage. (There’s another funny digression, try telling your non-dog friends you can’t go to lunch with them ’cause your dog is getting a massage. Their reaction is really funny!) Anyways. . . the massage was very interesting! I went to a mini-seminar to explain the benefits of Acu-massage on Thursday night and then took Magnus for an hour of work on Friday.

Anita has a really thorough way of looking at the whole picture. She combines knowledge of chinese medicine and acupressure with massage. She showed me how to do a full range of motion on Magnus leg to help build back the muscle that has already atrophied. She also suggested use of ice, another thing I don’t know why I didn’t think of before. Then she showed me a couple of acupressure points to work on to help restore circulation.

Hopefully combining all of that will have my boy back to normal soon!

The news on the Maizey front is a post all its own. She’s doing okay and when I ever sort through all the opinions I’m getting about how to treat her anxiety I’ll let you all know what we narrow down.

For now it’s time for Magnus’ second session with an ice pack and then off to bed!


Here Nor There

We’re still here. I promise!

I’m sure it appears we have abandoned blogging for good, but we’re still our here learning the 4legged lessons each day has for us.

It seems when Real Life strikes it strikes with a vengeance and this time it seems have struck the words right out of me.

Please don’t give up on us, in time I’m sure we will be back to our usual, wordy, long, drawn out, normal posts. . . in time.

Meanwhile please enjoy this hello from the ‘M’ pups:


This, That and Tiny Furry Sumo Wrestling

It seems the only thing I write about anymore is the Walking Challenge. Which is exciting since today I finished my goal of 30 miles in a month for the first time! So click treat for us on that one, and we still have tomorrow, we might actually get caught up a bit.

We are doing other things around here. Today we took in Charley and Chloe for two weeks, so we are temporarily a four dog household. . . Whew! Four dogs, two of whom are adolescents, really keep you hopping!

Today it looked like it might stop leaking slush from the sky for a bit so I thought we should all go to the park, but of course by the time I had them all loaded into their crates in the car it was blizzarding slush from the sky.

So we drove to the park and I thought I would use the time to work on Chloe’s car fears. After c/t her for quiet and downs and other relaxed behaviors we drove around some more c/t’ing as we went. By that time I felt like it would be cruel to not let them out for a run and the slushing had let up a bit. Of course by the time I had them all out and leashed up it was back to blizzarding so we all got thoroughly soaked.

Can we please have sunshine now?

Magnus’ loves having Chloe here. It’s like a 24/7 little furry sumo wrestling match. Those two are so funny. I have video to put up, but am having technical difficulties so movie making is on hold. If you remember this WW, it pretty much sums it up though.

I am so excited for tomorrow, Maizey starts her Clicks and Tricks class. I’m not even sure what we will be learning, but I know it will be a combo of shaping and luring and. . . tricks, of course!

I decided not announce exactly what the prizes for the Walking Challenge giveaway will be until closer to the giveaway, but I will tell you the prize packages have themes and I think they are all cute as can be! Some of you have already completed posts about the Challenge and I will be posting links on Monday with the “Monday Miles” post.

So other than the new car, the fabulous gift we got from Reilly (great big thanks and a post is in the making), the new washer and dryer (it actually has a cycle for pet beds, could it be anymore perfect for me?), the fact that we might be moving, and about 26,000 other random things I haven’t posted about you are all caught up now! Okay, not quite, but at least I fit in the important things-the dogs!


Welcome Back Winter

April 3, 2011


Which Way is Up?

"My Crazymomlady says to tell you all she's sorry there haven't been too many good posts around here lately. Things are so crazy we can't even decide which end is up! She says things will be back to normal soon."


Hodge Podge of a Post

There has been a lot of fun around here lately. So much fun I’m giving you the cliff notes version.

Sit stays for CDX (Twist is the Sheltie)

On Friday Magnus and I spent the day at an obedience trial. Of course he wasn’t entered, but it was excellent socialization for him and a great chance to learn self control and patience in his crate around lots of other dogs.

It was an especially exciting day since we got to see our friend Twist earn his CDX. Twist is one of my favorite 4legged friends, he has so much character.

Maizey was not left out of the fun since she spent the day with Chloe and Charley.

Last week Magnus got to have his first take your dog to work day where he learned all about riding in the big truck.

One thing that I was very happy about was how well he handled all the loud noises of the truck. I set his mat on the seat in between us and he just laid there and slept while we drove around. I am going to get him a seat belt harness for next time, since there is no way to take a crate.

In other Magnus news he starts Agility For Fun class on thursday night. I am excited, but also nervous-as usual.

Unfortunately we had a funeral to attend in Saturday so we missed Maizey’s Petite Pals class. Next week we’ll be back on schedule with that.

Maizey’s eyes are better, though I know until I have the $900.00 to do the allergy testing they will continue to have problems. She does have some relief with the meds she is on now, so that will have to be good enough for now.

Marie gave us a new crate that Maizey loves. It’s a soft sided travel crate, but it is super light and the best one I’ve had yet. Maizey  loves it so much that I’ve hardly been able to get her out of it since I set it up! Thanks Marie!

Charley and Chloe are staying with us this week, so Magnus is in heaven. He is in love with Chloe and they play so well together. I figure with all four of them to walk I ought to get in some good miles for the Challenge. If you have suggestions for managing a four dog household I would love to hear them!

Well this is a disjointed crazy post, but I wanted to at least update for myself. Don’t give up on our poor neglected blog, I have a big announcement coming with exciting news so you’ll have to keep coming around for that!