2,959 Miles Walked!

Thanks for walking with us all year long!

It’s here-the last Walking Challenge post. It has been an interesting year and a lot of fun walking with you all. As a group we walked an amazing 2,959 miles! Whoohoo! You guys all rock and I’m so happy we did this challenge together. What an accomplishment!

We ended the year with 326 miles. Those last 39 miles eluded us, but it surprisingly it doesn’t bother me at all. As I looked back through the photo’s of the walks we took I know the Walking Challenge did exactly what I set out for it it do-it got us out and walking. I’m thrilled with all the fun we had and hope you all feel the same way!

I want to give a special congrats to Dare and her gang-they achieved an amazing feat and finished out the year with 1002 miles! That is so amazing! Carrie, Tanner and Oliver also blew us away with 549 total miles since they joined us in April. Both teams not only met but exceeded their goals and their loyally keeping me up to date all year really kept me going. Congrats guys!

I started out thinking I’d post a few of my favorite photo’s from the whole year, but it ended up being so many that I decided to slideshow it instead. We walked so many beautiful places all over the state, with friends and family. I couldn’t be happier with how our Challenge turned out. Thanks for joining me and supporting me all year long!


Monday Miles: Back On Track!

I want to thank all of our Walking Challenge members for their patience and loyalty. With all the RP we’re doing around here it seems I just can’t get around to Monday Miles each week. I try to post our RP video’s the same day we do them, but that pretty much takes up all my blogging time.

We are finally making some progress with 8 miles for last week. We’re at a grand total of 165 miles for the year.

We have 19 weeks left to make our goals. For us that means we need about 11 miles a week. Barring injuries, deaths or dismemberments that should be doable. How about all of you? Where are you at with your miles for the year?

The Walking Challenge sure has had some interesting challenges I never expected to face. Magnus’ injuries really set us back, but Maizey’s anxiety challenges us too. I expected to have two dogs to walk and for the most part have had only one. I’m really proud of us and how we’ve stuck too this. I’m really thrilled we have a chance of getting caught up and making our goal.

So how ’bout all of you? Where are you at for the week and for the year? What has been your biggest challenge? If we do a 2012 Walking Challenge would you join us again? Let’s just check in and get this Challenge back on track!


Got Miles? We Finally Have a Few!

"We're wet! Our Crazymomlady made us walk in the rain!"

Spring must be here since we walked in a huge the rain storm today.

Still with warmer temps and the sun actually shining once in a while we are making progress with our 2011 Walking Challenge miles. Already this month we’ve walked 17.5 miles!

We are enjoying our walking so much. Today we walked two and half miles in the rain and loved every step of it! I’m happy to announce as of today we are at 43 miles. Which ups our daily ante to 1.25 miles per day. Since we still have 257 days left to complete our goals even those of us that are behind have a fighting chance!

So how ’bout you all? Got miles? So far the group has 601 miles total! That is an impressive number, we are all doing great.

In fact we’re doing so great I’ve decided to do the first ever Lessons From and For 4 Legs give-away. The details will be revealed over the next few weeks. A hint though: One of the prizes will be only for those that are on track with their personal walking goal.

So lets get out there and walk, you never know what you could win!

(Post Script: If you haven’t ‘liked’ the Lessons From and For 4 Legs Face Book page you may have missed out on some exciting Walking Challenge updates, it’s a great way to keep me posted on your progress.)