Bring Us Your October Walking Challenge Miles!

We finished up October with a grand 251 miles. I’m pretty happy with that! How ’bout you all? Getting out there with your pups?

There are officially only two months left in the 2011 Walking Challenge. For us that means we need 114 miles in 61 days. Honestly I don’t know if we’re going to make the miles. Honestly I don’t care! We have had so much fun this year. Looking back I can’t believe all the things we’ve done!

Walks, hikes, travels and biking have all played a part in our miles thus far. We’ve faced injuries, Maizey’s anxiety, rain, snow and heat. None of it stopped us so far and I don’t plan on quitting now! I’m going to finish up the year and no matter what that final number ends up being I’m proud of us.

I’m proud of all the Walking Challenge members! You guys kept us going. No matter what the goals are we’ve all achieved so much and I thank you all for supporting us!

Even if you’ve decided not to finish up the year I hope you all had fun. To me it’s been a great thing and I hope you all feel the same!

So on this un-Monday miles report I leave you with some pictures from our weekend. We had a great weekend of travel and hiking. We went to one of my most favorite places on earth and based on the hours it took me to de-sticker and de-mud the dogs I’m guessing they had a blast!
(I apologize for the quality of the pictures, I got a new camera and haven’t figured out all the kinks just yet. It was just too great a day not to share though so I’m posting them anyways.)

To be continued tomorrow in Wordless Wednesday. . .


Monday Miles: 207 Miles

I’m happy to report we got out of our slump and log in with 207 miles. It feels great to have passed the 200 mile mark. I feel like no matter what happens the Walking Challenge is a success for us. I’m sure I’ve never walked over 200 miles with any of my dogs in a year.

I’m hoping to hear from everyone since it’s a new month. We really have accomplished so much and with the last months of the year upon us I hope we all push through the winter and feel like we finish the year successful. As far as I’m concerned we’ve all done great!

Since I’m all out of words tonight I leave you with the frolicking monkey’s who also think we’ve all done fabulous with our Walking Challenge!


Monday Miles: 2,000 Miles!

"WHOOOT!!! We did it guys!! 2,027 miles!"

2,027 miles! With the miles I already know have been done last week we crossed the 2000 mile mark!

That is no small feat and I want to thank you all for your hard work to accomplish such an amazing thing!

We clock in with a new personal high of 175 miles. We’re finally getting back on track with a couple of two mile walks. Magnus’ back leg is still not 100% so I’m not pushing him, but man are we both happy to be back in the trail again.

So what about the rest of everyone? I’m sure you have miles to report and I want to hear them all. In the mean time give yourselves all a big pat on the back, we’ve done an awesome job so far!


Monday Miles: Back On Track!

I want to thank all of our Walking Challenge members for their patience and loyalty. With all the RP we’re doing around here it seems I just can’t get around to Monday Miles each week. I try to post our RP video’s the same day we do them, but that pretty much takes up all my blogging time.

We are finally making some progress with 8 miles for last week. We’re at a grand total of 165 miles for the year.

We have 19 weeks left to make our goals. For us that means we need about 11 miles a week. Barring injuries, deaths or dismemberments that should be doable. How about all of you? Where are you at with your miles for the year?

The Walking Challenge sure has had some interesting challenges I never expected to face. Magnus’ injuries really set us back, but Maizey’s anxiety challenges us too. I expected to have two dogs to walk and for the most part have had only one. I’m really proud of us and how we’ve stuck too this. I’m really thrilled we have a chance of getting caught up and making our goal.

So how ’bout all of you? Where are you at for the week and for the year? What has been your biggest challenge? If we do a 2012 Walking Challenge would you join us again? Let’s just check in and get this Challenge back on track!


Relaxation Protocol Day 8: Things Are Getting Harder

The highlights are at 2:28-33 when she lays her chin down while I “disappear form view.”

At 5:24-54 she breaks position to scratch.

Two lip licks at 5:58,59.

There is something she doesn’t like about the jogging at 8:09-29.

She breaks position at 8:51 while I’m running around her.

Both times she broke position I had to cue her to down again. There were some other signs I thought could be stress and calming signals, but these were the major ones.

What do you think? Does she seem more stressed today? We’ll be doing this day over again for sure.

I want to thank everyone who has been so loyal to watch these video’s your input has really helped me see things I was missing. It’s great to have the thoughts of more experienced people than I!

Monday Miles
I didn’t completely forget Monday Miles. We chime in with 2.5 miles. Walking continues to be hard for magnus with his leg issues, but we’re doing our best!

How’s it going for all of you? I’d love to hear your miles and live vicariously through your progress.


Monday Miles: Finally 150 Miles!

I never could have thought it would be this much of a challenge to get to the 150 mile mark. I’m happy to announce we are FINALLY there! With two miles this week we finished up July with 11.6 miles bringing is to a total for the year of 150.78.

Ironically tonight’s walk which helped us get to that milestone was one of our worst.

Magnus can only walk half a mile at a time while he’s still recovering so we’ve been walking around our block. We almost never walk there since my neighborhood has so many dogs. They aren’t usually loose dogs, but there are still just a lot of loud dogs in fences right by the sidewalk.

Tonight we met a loose Jack Russell. I usually turn around when I see a loose dog but he looked pretty relaxed and so we kept going. He ran up to us and he and Magnus were saying a nose to tail dog hello when the Jack just flipped. I know there were signs, but the whole thing happened so fast I didn’t see them. One minute things seemed okay, two seconds later he was growling and going after Magnus.

Thank goodness Mehusbandy was with us and he got in between them and chased the Jack Russell off. I took off with Magnus the other way and Mehusbandy followed the dog home and talked to his owner.

Here’s where I get irritated. The man said he had the dog for seven or eight years and when he gets out he just can’t catch him. I guess it has been like a year since he got loose, but here’s what I don’t get: If you’re dog gets out and you can’t catch him so you just let him run loose and hope he comes home?!? Hello!! You’re dog tried to attack my dog and you don’t think it’s important to catch him? Sigh.

Magnus was okay. He was a little shook up, but he recovers fast. I’ll watch him for any signs of trauma, but I’m hoping it will be okay. I tried to make the rest of our walk home fun. We met two little girls he loves to play with and I asked them to sit down and let him show them his tricks. They love him and he loves to show off so it seemed to help him.

I’d like to rant on for longer about loose dogs and irresponsible owners, but I know we’ve all had those experiences and you can’t prevent them all. Still I’ll be even more cautious from now on.

How about you? How do you handle loose dog meetings? How’s the Challenge going? I hope everyone’s still enjoying themselves! I know I’m looking forward to a little longer walks this week and hopefully if Maizey keeps getting better we can get her out with us for farther than three houses!


Monday Miles

"I didn't walk one mile this week! My Crazymomlady made me lay around with this ice thing all week!"

Since this was Magnus’ week of enforced non-activity and Maizey’s walk didn’t go so well we log in with .8 mile this week. But I’m hoping the rest of you have some more exciting news to keep me going! So please let me know how it’s going for you.

Since I’m not able to spend my Walking Challenge time actually walking I’d like to hear from all of you how the Challenge is going.

Let’s take this opportunity to weigh in with any suggestions or ideas that would make the Walking Challenge more productive, fun or helpful for you.

  • What are the Challenges you’re facing and how are you overcoming them?
  • What was your favorite walk so far?
  • How has the Walking Challenge helped you and your 4legged friends?
  • What can I do to make the Challenge better, easier or more helpful?

This is your chance to let me know where I can improve the Challenge. Who knows, your answers may influence future Walking Challenges!