The Winners Are. . .

The time has come for the first ever Lessons From 4 Legs giveaway to come to a close. The giveaway marks the six month mark of our year long Walking Challeng. I’m happy to announce a new Walking Challenge total of 1,657 miles!

That is truly an amazing collective achievement and we’ve also had many individual accomplishments over the last six months.

To celebrate all of our success I’m happy to announce the winners of the Halfway Giveaway.

Congratulations to Elizabeth, Cocoa and Oreo, the winners of the first drawing.

Together they’ve walked 88 miles since joining the Challenge in March. For all their effort they will soon receive custom made fleece leashes with matching fleece balls. Cocoa and Oreo are two fun loving poodles who live with their mom, who’s a master at saving money. Check out Oreo’s Oval Office, Cocoa’s Corner and pick a coupon clipping tip from their mom.

Our second winner is one of our best 4legged friends.

Dare and her family of five other of our favorite 4legged friends keep their mom on her toes walking and training them. They not only reported that they are current on their goal of 365 miles in 365 days, they’ve surpassed that goal by over 100 miles! They currently have over 500 miles to their credit. That’s truly amazing and we’re thrilled they have enjoyed the Challenge so much. They’ve done so well that Marie set a new goal for the year and hopes to reach 1000 miles. They’ll soon be enjoying their very own snuggle and fun pack of a fluffy mat and their own fleece tug toys.

Chispita and Beth are the winners of third drawing. They recieves this honor for doing her own post about the Walking Challenge.

Chispita and Beth set a unique goal to walk seven hours a week. They’ve so far enjoyed over 68 hours of walking fun together. For their hard work they’ll recieve a special clicker trainers package that includes a treat bag, treats and a clicker. If you haven’t read Chispita’s Walking Challenge post I highly recommend hopping over and checking it out. While you’re there why not join Fun Friday with Beth and Chispita?

The giveaway has been really fun! For you lucky winners please email me an address to send your prizes too.

We’re halfway through the year folks, lets keep up the hard work and finish out the year with a bang!


Maizey’s Update On the Halfway Giveaway

"My Crazymomlady says to tell you the Halfway Giveaway Winners have been chosen and she'll announce the winners as soon as this crazy weekend's over."

"Don't worry I gave her the squinchy face so she'd know she was silly and needed to get on with it. I'm sure she got the message, so keep your eyes open the great announcement could be any day!"


It’s Not Just Monday Miles

Monday Miles roundup is here again. How’d the week go everyone?

Along with Monday Miles I don’t want anyone to forget there’s only four days until the Halfway Giveaway. The cutoff for entries is July 1, 2011!

I asked before that everyone who wants to be entered for the second drawing let me know if you are up to date on your miles. As a friendly reminder: I can’t enter you for that giveaway if I don’t know where you are for the year in your miles. So if you are current on your goal and want to be entered to win a fabulous snuggle and fun pack please let me know no later than Thursday June 30, 2011. If you need to remember what the rules are the reminder is here.

If you’re current on your goal and want to be entered to win a fabulous snuggle and fun pack please let me know no later than Thursday June 30, 2011.

I’m logging in with five miles for last week. It doesn’t seem like much, but it brings us to 135 miles for the year! Magnus’ mysterious limp really put a crimp in our walks.

Magnus is my walking buddy. He’s such an easy walker. Not being able to walk him last week really showed me a few things. One was I don’t walk Maizey near as much as I should. It also showed me how much he needs his walks, he has been a crazy boy this week.

Another thing it reminded me was that I would love to be able to walk them together. Maizey makes walking into work. With a fearful dog you must always be on high alert. What dogs are coming up in yards? How close to the road are they? There’s a dog walking towards us, how can we get enough distance to prevent a reaction? I hate to say it, but it’s so much more work to walk my scaredy girl.

But choosing not to walk her is sheer laziness on my part, especially last week when Magnus couldn’t walk.

They are polar opposites when it comes to their reaction to dogs. He wants to go and visit, she needs distance and no interaction. On his own with me Magnus has great attention around other dogs. We’ve worked hard to make another dog just another dog. His attention goes out the window when Maizey reacts. It’s as if he knows my focus is on helping her, so he may as well go make a new friend. Picture me in the middle, one bundle of fearful Cavalier who needs to stay away from a stranger dog, one bundle of friendly Cavalier determined play with the same stranger dog. Can you hear me sighing?

Picture me in the middle, one bundle of fearful Cavalier who needs to stay away from a stranger dog, one bundle of friendly Cavalier determined play with the same stranger dog.

It’s a problem I have no answer too, but it’s time to find one. Until I do I need to step up and get back to walking them both separate. That means two walks a day. Wow! I better get out the whip to crack on myself, cause that will take real discipline.

So there’s my newest challenge in this year long journey of a Walking Challenge, how ’bout all of you? What did you face this week? Anything news for me? Let’s hear those miles folks!


Countdown to the Halfway Giveaway

The Halfway Giveaway is in the final countdown!

One week from today on July 1, 2011 we will be halfway through our 2011 Walking Challenge. That means this is the week you have to get your final entries in for the Halfway Giveaway.

As a reminder of the rules there are three chances to win. Just by being entered you all have your first chance to win.

Then if your are caught up with your personal goal you have a second chance to win. Here’s the catch for that, please let me know by July 1 if you are up to date with your goal. I have a record of what your goal is, but not when you started your challenge so it’s up to you to let me know if the figure I have is correct and if you are up to date with your goal. If I don’t know if you’re up to date I can’t enter you in the drawing.

Your third chance to win is by writing a post about the walking challenge and linking back here. So far this is who I know has written posts:

If you’ve written a post and I missed it I’m so sorry! Leave the link for me and I’ll get it posted for you.

Remember you’re in the running for three great prizes here including a fleece leash, a Magnus approved fleece toy and mat, even a clicker training pack is up for grabs!

So how ’bout it? Who’s on track with their goal? Any posts out there I’ve missed? As always if the numbers I have down for you are incorrect due to my math dyslexia please feel free to correct me!

Let me know as I’m getting all the book keeping done now so I’m ready in ONE WEEK to pull those numbers and give away some great prizes for all your hard work!


Walking Challenge: Monday Miles

Monday Miles is here again. We had a great week, with some of my favorite walks so far. Totaling in at 14 miles, bringing us to 108 for the year!


Now we are into June the Halfway Giveaway is creeping up on us. Remember, if you are a Walking Challenge member you are already entered for the first drawing to win a braided fleece leash for your walks.

All those who’ve worked hard to stay caught up or get caught up on their personal miles goal have a second chance to win a snuggle and fun pack with a fluffy fleece mat.

The third drawing is for those who have generously encouraged others in the Walking Challenge by writing a blog post and linking back here. These will be entered to win a clickers trainers pack. So far Bert and Vickie, Beth and Chispita, Elizabeth, Oreo and Cocoa, Carrie, Tanner and Oliver and Dare and her Gang have done posts.

If you have done one and I missed it, please let me know as I’ll be updating and posting links in tomorrow’s Tuesday Totals. I don’t want to miss getting you entered for the drawing!

The cutoff date for all entries is July 1, 2011 at 12:00 AM Mountain time. The winner will be announced on July 7, 2011 in a special announcement post.

In a necessary bit of business, I’ve had a few people who asked about joining the Challenge, but never got an official entry from them. I have responded with a comment and tried to send a quick email, but haven’t heard back. If you have asked to join and are still interested please let me know. We would love to have you join!

So all, let’s hear how the week went for you! Were there challenges to overcome? Did you have a great walk? What made it so great? I’ll be sharing pics from my favorite walk of the week tomorrow and would love to hear what you’re enjoying. Most important lets hear those miles!


Walking Challenge: Monday Miles

It’s that time of week again folks, time to turn in this weeks miles.

I’m happy to say that despite a crazy week of 2legged activity we still managed 12 miles bringing us to 81 for the year.

Slowly we’re getting caught up for the year and the best part is the more we walk the more I love it!

I’m pleased to announce we have a new member!

Boondocks and his gang have set a goal for 150 miles by the end of the year. We want to welcome them to the Challenge.


As previously announced on July 1, 2011 we will have a giveaway for all our members. I hope this can be fun and a little boost for the hot summer hours.

All of our members are entered for the first drawing to win a Walking pack of prizes including a handmade fleece leash amongst other goodies.

All members who are on track with their personal walking goal will qualify for the second drawing for the Snuggle and Fun prize of a fluffy mat and other goodies for your 4legged friend.

The third drawing will be for those ambitious bloggers who write a post about their challenges and joys in the Walking Challenge. These folks will be in the running for the Clicker Trainers Pack.

So with all that in mind let’s hear your progress this week. How many miles? How many challenges? How much fun did you have? Lets hear from everyone this week!


Walking Challenge: Over 1000 Miles Reached!

Drum Roll please. . .

After everyone’s amazing cooperation with reporting in for Monday Miles the impressive total was. . .

1003.25 miles

That is an awesome achievement and the miles don’t include Beth and Chispita’s 50 hours!

Think of all the calories burned, muscles strengthened, training done, relationships strengthened, new places explored and fun that was had in 1003 miles! That is amazing and I’m so proud of us all!

We are also giving credit where credit is due for Pattie and Deboys. They let me know they are making fine progress, but finding record keeping difficult since many of their miles are logged in their pool. Brutus and Tytus spend many hours each week out and about so I have no doubt they are getting in many miles of exercise and I wanted to make sure they got credit for all they’re doing!

Now lets keep it up! The Half Way Giveaway is coming up in less than two months so if your behind like me lets use these warmer temps and spring hours to get caught up and keep having fun!

In some technical news some have had a hard time getting the code for the Walking Challenge badge, so I am anchoring it here in hopes that will be a little easier. Simply copy and paste and you should have it.