Training Levels Question of the Day

Target, Level One Step 5: “The dog practices with more changes.”

Question: How am I going to use target in my everyday life?

  • Give “I must always be in every game my sissers’ playing” Magnus his own game to play and thus move him out of the way. (Also a zen issue we’re working on.)
  • Move both pups off the bed when I’m changing the sheets. (Contrary to their popular opinion I don’t view changing the sheets as a fun game.)
  • Get a pup on the scale at the vet.
  • Help Magnus learn he can hop from the front seat to the back of the car.
  • For picture posing. Getting a pup into position where I want them.
  • As a transfer method preferred over manipulating or luring the dogs where I want them.
  • When I want a pup HERE but he/she’s way over THERE.
  • As a “get your head in gear” game when they see something “scary.” (For Maizey dogs. For Magnus anything that “Holy shykies that wasn’t there yesterday!”)

How do you use Targeting in your life?