Memory a Day 20: Fave Photo You’ve Ever Taken

More than a few days behind, I’m powering on to end in the Photo a Day challenge. Day 20′s prompt was a tough one to narrow down!

Fave Photo You’ve Ever Taken

I may have shared these before, the one of the girlies tails I know I have, but perusing my photo’s they were the ones that stood out. It got me thinking of what makes a favorite photo. It’s not just the composition or the skill shown in taking the picture, I really don’t have that. For me it’s as much about the memory the image triggers. Memories of firsts, like Maizey’s first swim. Memories of lazy days at the park with the family from when Magnus was a baby. The photo of Maizey is from a walk in the country. It’s her best super model in the wind fan pose. See how her black leg hair is short? It was after her knee surgery and I remember being so happy she was recovering.

I love having a photo diary to remind me of all the things I don’t take time to remember in the whirlwind of day to day life. Do you keep a photo diary?


Memory a Day 16: Out and About (with Maizey)

I’m finding one challenge to a Photo a Day challenge is having the time to post my photo’s. I missed yesterday, but enjoyed today’s prompt:

Out and About

We took the dogs to coffee this morning. It was nice to sit for a few minutes, I’m thrilled to be able to get Maizey out and about a bit more, but she really can’t last too long before the anxiety gets too high. Interestingly, she’s started reacting to people at a distance. Mehusbandy says he thinks she’s always barked at people, but I think it was more selective than it is now. Also interesting is her ability to stop barking and settle back on her mat. (I thank Karen Overall for Relaxation Protocol everyday!) It used to be she couldn’t access her training when we were out and she got triggered, but the level of reaction to everything except dogs is much lower now and she really does better with leave it’s, focus and Look at That, always defaulting to her mat.

I’m certainly seeing signs of higher stress level in her this week. We’ve had two episodes of diarrhea. She hasn’t had any diarrhea in about three weeks. That’s a record for her. The 10:00pm to 11:00pm hour has been one of her highest stress times and has gotten worse the last few weeks. I have no idea why. Finally after a really hard night on Thursday and a morning that nearly had me in tears yesterday I decided to try some supplements I haven’t tried before.

Last night and tonight we had tea together. I had really yummy Lavender Dreams from Teavana (a wonderful gift from my little sister) and she had Quiet tea from The Honest Kitchen. Last night we only had one barking outburst about 10:40 and that was when the neighbors pit bulls got into a noisy scrap. Tonight we had fireworks for the first time and she sat up and noticed, but didn’t bark or hide. A few minutes later I noticed she was laying so loose and relaxed she sort of scared me! The fact that she looks weird to me when she’s relaxed, says a lot about how tense she is most the time. Poor girl! I realized just now she didn’t bark at all tonight so maybe the tea does help!

All in all she’s still doing better. I’m trying not to panic over this week and feel like it’s all going down hill from here. I’m going to keep her in for a day or two and give her body a chance to reset. I’ll keep her mind busy with training and puzzle toys and hope for the best.

It’s hard for me to not take her with us, but then we have a day like today where she’s conflicted to be out with us. She’s obviously not too stressed in these photo’s, but we stayed out a bit too long for her and I saw the result of higher stress the rest of the day. It’s such a fine line and I’m constantly doing a balancing act to know what will be best for her. It’s hard to just take Magnus too much of the time since she does much better when he’s home. At the same time it’s not fair to him to stay home sister-sitting all the time. I’m always working to find a balance, but I think in general we’re succeeding. Bottom line is a year ago in June she couldn’t go anywhere, not even the front yard so I’m thrilled with the level of happiness and adventure we’ve achieved!


Memory a Day 13: Art

Today’s Photo a Day prompt is:


I’m not sure this is what the prompt had in mind when it said, “Take a photo of a piece of art you have displayed in your home, you’ve created or you see while out. Any art will do!” And in the interest of fully disclose I feel like I should admit I didn’t take this photo today. I took it this winter in a cold winter night when the only thing that warms my house and my heart is filling my house full of Peace Love Soy candles. So although it may not fit the photo a day challenge I still wanted to share it.

I must admit I’m finding the Photo a Day a little challenge, but I’m enjoying it so much! It makes me take a second out of my day to stop and pay attention to things I wouldn’t normally even notice. On sign day I saw signs everywhere, even just driving down the street I was aware of signs I would never have seen. Even on 6 O’clock day, which was not a highlight of my month, provided me a distraction and a memory. Low Angle day was a treat, I would never have shot the photo’s I did that day and I had a hard time narrowing it down to just three!

Do you read My Dog is Cooler Than Me? You should, today she posted something beautiful and true about Elsa, she says, “. . .putting words to our life together, and capturing snapshots of our day to day, anchors me to the present- makes me stop for a second and feel and think.” Isn’t that awesome? Dog’s are so good for us that way and Photo a Day has inspired me to do just that!


Memory a Day 11: From a Low Angle

I missed day 10: Door. Well I took a photo, but it was too embarrassingly bad to post so I didn’t.

I’m making up for it with a picture of the elusive Mean in today’s prompt:

From a low angle

Nellie Monster doesn’t show up too often on the blog mostly because she hates me and most everyone else, except Mehusbandy. Lately though she’s been hanging out with me and the dogs in the yard. She’ll hang around as long as we don’t get to close or try to touch her. I don’t know if she’s getting older and calming down, but she’s been changing a lot. She’s been spending more time inside and even playing a little bit, although I can’t ever get close enough to see what she’s playing with.

I’ve been trying to remember how old she is. My records are conflicting, but I think she’s only six which isn’t that old for a cat. I view living with Nellie much like how nature photographers must feel, I find her fascinating to watch, but know I’m risking my life if I get too close. So you can imagine my surprise when she came and slept on me two nights ago. ON me! I dared not move since I thought she might have finally decided to take me out in my sleep. But she just laid there and purred for a second and then moved on. I’m sure she needed something and was devastated when she realized I still don’t speak her language.

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Memory a Day 10: Best Bit of Your Weekend

Today is day ten of Fatmumslims’ June Photo a Day Challenge. The prompt was:

Best Bit of Your Weekend

Happy time with my monkeys and soft, pink, day off socks. That’s the best bit of any weekend!


Memory a Day 9: Your View Today

Today’s Photo a Day prompt was:

Your view today

It was a beautiful sunset and I must say a much better view than yesterday!

At dinner I realized I hadn’t shot my photo today and the sunset was so pretty Mehusbandy drove me to just the right spot to shoot these pictures. It was a good end to a nice evening.

My dad’s still in the hospital, but after two more days at the ICU with him we’re just thrilled he’s stable and out of danger. It’s absolutely exhausting to sit in a hospital so tonight was a nice break. Tomorrow I have a whole day off so I’m planning a day of puppy fun with my own dogs. They have been incredibly patient through the last two weeks.

Magnus has just become my buddy so much in the last couple months. I love when dogs get to that 18 month mark and he’s hit that stage where he’s no work and total fun. I’m happy with the level Maizey’s at now too. I’ll alway wish she had less triggers ands anxiety than she does, but she really is doing better. So I’m off to bed and looking forward to tomorrows prompt: Best bit of your weekend


Photo Memory a Day: Six O’Clock

Today’s Photo A Day prompt is:

6 O’Clock

Hospitals stink.