Mishmash Monday: Evil Eye

I never claimed to be a great photographer. I’m more the type that takes 200 shots and still has to crop out someones left arm or something random like that just to find one good shot, so it’s not surprising how many mishmashed pictures I have. The great thing about Mishmash Monday is it lets me share those photo’s that really aren’t good pictures, but still make me smile or tell a story about my pups.

Today’s story is about how funny it is when I make my dogs stay and they don’t want too. It’s pretty much a guarantee for a bad picture since they just end up giving me the evil, “I don’t WANT to stay!” eye. Both of these have gorgeous flowers in them, but the dogs are looking less than impressed with the scenery.

It’s a shame too, since I waited all spring for these iris to open with the idea of taking a pic of Maizey and Magnus in front of them. I took shots of Meeka in this same spot the year we lost her and thought it would be neat to have matching photo’s, different years. The dogs didn’t agree. Notice Magnus isn’t even in the photo? Meeka was much more agreeable model. Is it possible I still miss her this much after almost two years? I love these two monkeys just as much, but they sure can be brats!

Have you joined Mishmash Monday? You should it’s even more fun than I thought it would be!


Mishmash Monday: Wind Machine Mishap?

Sarah started Mishmash Monday and every Monday I get such a chuckle out her photo’s. Since I have TONS of mishmashed photo’s I decided to join this week.
Between Magnus’ ears and Maizey’s tongue sticking out this just made me laugh. They are such patient models. Hope this gives you a chuckle too on this Monday morning!