Sweet Meeka – Three Years Gone

Three years ago today we lost our Meeka. I still miss you my big sweet girl!


We Miss You Meeka

Today is the 2 year anniversary of Meeka’s death. I can’t believe it’s been two years. We still miss her constantly.

“I grieve a little at the brevity of your time here with me.” -Naema

I grieve more than a little. Miss you big girl!


Mishmash Monday: Evil Eye

I never claimed to be a great photographer. I’m more the type that takes 200 shots and still has to crop out someones left arm or something random like that just to find one good shot, so it’s not surprising how many mishmashed pictures I have. The great thing about Mishmash Monday is it lets me share those photo’s that really aren’t good pictures, but still make me smile or tell a story about my pups.

Today’s story is about how funny it is when I make my dogs stay and they don’t want too. It’s pretty much a guarantee for a bad picture since they just end up giving me the evil, “I don’t WANT to stay!” eye. Both of these have gorgeous flowers in them, but the dogs are looking less than impressed with the scenery.

It’s a shame too, since I waited all spring for these iris to open with the idea of taking a pic of Maizey and Magnus in front of them. I took shots of Meeka in this same spot the year we lost her and thought it would be neat to have matching photo’s, different years. The dogs didn’t agree. Notice Magnus isn’t even in the photo? Meeka was much more agreeable model. Is it possible I still miss her this much after almost two years? I love these two monkeys just as much, but they sure can be brats!

Have you joined Mishmash Monday? You should it’s even more fun than I thought it would be!


The Ones We’ve Loved and Lost

Early this morning we lost one of our favorite 4legged friends. Levi was a our friends’ heart dog and we’ll miss him. My heart goes out to his mom and family.

As each one does, this loss has me thinking of the ones I’ve loved and lost. As a sort of tribute to the wonderful heart dog Levi was I want to share my lost heart dogs here. Each dog has their own lessons for us. Some get into our hearts more than others, but all stay with us forever. My aim is to take what each of these dogs has taught me and use it to be a better dog mom, trainer and teacher. In that way they stay alive with me even though they are gone in the today.


Little Man


I have to give Summit, our Alaskan Malamute a mention even though I don’t have access to a photo today. The lessons he gave me were some of the hardest and most valuable of any dog I’ve ever had.

Have you lost a heart dog? Give them a mention here and if you want say a bit about what made them so special. . .

When you can’t remove someone’s pain, sometimes all you can do is sit in the space the other is in and keep them company. Let’s all keep each other company in this space of loss. Thanks everyone.


Tricky Maizey: Load Up the Suitcase

I am finally getting around to posting some Training Levels business after my recent jaunt into puppy socialization land.

For the Steps To Success, L2 Trick I thought I would post a trick maizey learned a while ago. We are huge copy cats, since we first saw Ricky and then Dare do this. But it is just too cute to resist.

This was trained with a combination of luring and shaping. It took two lures to get her in to suitcase. Then we shaped the details using the clicker.

The only thing I can’t get perfect is her tail and her ears. I suppose they are both so long that when the hair hangs out she probable doesn’t even know!

Since we shot this video she now gets released and hops out to get her reward, but I am just too lazy to refilm it all. Plus these were shot before we lost Meeka and it just makes me happy to be able to see my Big Girl looking so happy.

Everyone look out, she may just load up and show up on your doorstep!


Squeezy Cheese Cue?

When Meeka had to take Tramadol twice a day she got her pill with squeezy cheese. It was her hands down favorite.

Maizey also thinks that squeezy cheese is the junk food of the gods, so we ended up working A LOT of “squeezy cheese Zen”. Eventually Maizey knew if she wanted her bit of squeezy cheese she had to sit nice and wait for Meeka to take her pill.

Tonight I got out the most treasured of treats once again to give Magnus his pill. As I was bribing him to take the dreaded medicine I glanced down and what was my little girl doing?

A perfect squeezy cheese zen. Apparently the can, the smell or whatever it was, was enough to remind her if she wants her bit of treasured yellow goo she needs to sit patiently. Needless to say she got an extra helping of the yellow goo of the gods!

Tonight I miss my Big Girl very much.


Goodbye Big Girl

The best dog in the history of the world.