Introducing Embee’s Stupendous Man aka My Calvin

On December 10, 2011 I left this comment on Embee Cavaliers, “So, here’s the million dollar question, does this mean Miss Molly’s going to be a momma?;) Sorry I have to ask cause I just love her so much, she is the most gorgeous black and tan I’ve ever seen! I always tease my husband I have to go to Canada for my next puppy.LOL”

I said it mostly in jest, never for a moment imagining Mary Beth’s answer would be, “If all goes well between now and the early next year Molly will have puppies in the spring. Her choice of course on when she wants to come into season. I’m in the process of trying to find her a suitable beau. . . If you ever come to Canada you are more than welcome to come visit and possibly bring something home with you. ;)

I’m so proud to introduce the fulfillment of that first conversation:

Embee’s Stupendous Man, my Calvin.

Photo curtesy of

From Mystic Moon’s Danika (Molly) x GCH. Rossbonny Rebus (Rebus)

I still get chills when I read that comment back. It’s a long ways for Mary Beth to place a puppy, especially from Molly’s first litter. I never dreamed she would entrust me with such a privilege. He was a dream in so many ways and at only 10 weeks is so far living up to that dream in every way.

So what made me want a Molly puppy? It’s hard to define why I love Molly so. For some people with some dogs there is an undefinable attachment. It was like for me that with Meeka I just knew she was mine and I’ve always felt a similar kinship for Molly. It’s more than that though that made me want a Molly puppy. She is the result of three generations of MRI testing and her pedigree is full of good hearts, eyes, hips, patella’s, wonderful temperaments and on and on and on. I should write all the glorious details of how amazing she is, as she and Mary Beth deserve, but all I want to write about is how fabulously stupendous her baby boy is!

I am totally in love. Like gaze lovingly, can’t get anything done ’cause all I want to do it squish and kiss and chase this puppy around in love. I didn’t expect it to be this way. I was all prepared for all the frustrating, full time work of puppyhood, but it hasn’t bothered me at all. It helps that Mary Beth had him practically house and crate trained when I picked him up. He has only had four accidents in a 7 days of being home. Okay, so two of them were on my bed and one was even right between my pillows at 11:00 PM, but even that just made me laugh. That’s how twitterpated I am.

He was wonderfully socialized before I ever came on the scene and that’s the other thing that made this puppy a dream. Buying a puppy from a good breeder is an amazing experience. (I’ll do a post on this one day soon too.) Calvin had met so many people, other dogs, been on many surfaces and in many locations in his home. He had amazing prenatal and early infant care. He was loved since the instant he existed and it shows.

He was the perfect match for our family and that’s the other benefit of going to a wonderful breeder. Mary Beth chose him for me before I ever met him, I trusted her and she was completely spot on in her choice. (Hmm. . . I see I have a list of posts to do to really do this subject justice.)

He is a confident, thinking, loving, friendly, happy, healthy boy puppy. Mary Beth told me, “I think his brain will fascinate you.” She was right. He’s a thinker. He goes into new situations and needs a second to sit back and take it in. Once he’s taken stock he starts wagging his tail and then dives right in. It’s absolutely fascinating to watch him. I can see the cogs turning and with only a week of socialization I can see him getting more confident in each new situation.

sleepy puppy in dads arms

We’ve been working on socialization, which you’ll remember Magnus taught me much about. I’m still quite proud of Magnus’ social puppy list and I plan on Calvin’s being just as complete. It’s a bit easier as I have the best boss and best team ever and he gets to go to work with me most days. His second day home I had a staff meeting and the Calling All Dogs summer BBQ so he got to meet a room full of dogs trainers and their families. It was a golden opportunity and he took it in stride.

I know you’re all dying to know how Maizey and Magnus are doing and the short version is very well! It took Maizey two weeks when Magnus came home to get to the point she is now with Calvin. Magnus is just amazing with him. They are playing so nicely together and Maizey sits back and watches. Within two days she was initiating play with calvin, as much as she knows how to anyway. I have to watch the boys as they get a bit rowdy, but today even when they had the wild zoomies she was trying to get in on the action. It will be fascinating to see how their relationships grow.

I have to give a HUGE, special thanks to Mehusbandy! Ryan has been wonderful. From late night potty trips to picking Calvin up from work for me to puppy sitting so I could get in much needed naps he has been right in the midst of it all. I don’t expect him to do all the crazy dog things I do, but he’s been more than wonderful to help out. He stayed home with the pups while I made the trip to Canada to pick up Calvin and he took such good care of them I think they barely missed me.

We’ve been home just 10 days now and we’re all still settling in. Tonight Maizey played with the boys for the first time, which made me so happy! Calvin’s sleeping through the night, eating well, learning something and teaching me something everyday. He has stolen our hearts.

I want to thank Mary Beth for letting us have him. I also want to thank Debbie for the gorgeous pictures she took of him and shared with me. Both are very kind, special people and it was my honor to meet them.


Sick Boy Tired Momma

Sick boy tired momma

I’ve been auto-publishing all these pics from Instagram. Which is nice since I don’t have time to blog at all, and at least it gives some record for me to remember the whirl wind of life, but I end up posting sub par iphone pictures with cryptic titles like this post.

It’s really not fair for me to post dramatic titles that make things seem like they’re worse than they are, but the truth is I don’t cope well when my puppies don’t feel good! I’m an incredible baby about it and feel so bad for them. I knew Magnus really didn’t feel good this afternoon when he came and asked to be snuggled and cradled when we were outside.

Don’t worry Magnus is okay, both he and Maizey have diarrhea. Maizey’s been struggling with stress colitis for the last month so I figured she would have it since Calvin came home. I just didn’t count of Magnus getting sick belly too. All three have had fecal tests done and there are no parasites or anything scary so I’m not worried about Calvin getting it too. Doesn’t seem like anything a round of good probiotics won’t kick.

I know I really need to publish Calvin’s whole story from beginning to end. It’s quite the saga, but if I haven’t been working I’ve been too busy being totally in love with this puppy! I’ll get to it eventually though. . .


The As Yet Un-Named Puppy Needs a Name!

My puppy is eight weeks old today. I can’t believe it!

It’s official I’ll be bringing home this gorgeous boy next week. So far he’s fondly referred to as Super Bill, which is hilarious, but I really want an “M” name to go with my pups. He’s a gorgeous puppy and from what she tells me quite the character!

7 weeks

I fly out next week to meet him. I’ll spend a couple days getting to know him and a few of our long time blogging friends, then fly him home. The journey home should be quite a trip since we have to drive an hour and half across the border, fly to Detroit for a short layover and then catch our final plane home. Whew! Sounds exhausting already!

Thankfully I have Ryan to stay with my monkeys at home. I hate leaving them. I’ve never left Magnus for this long and of course leaving Maizey is just hard period. She doesn’t do that great in the days I work for more than 6 hours so how she’ll handle 4 days I have no idea.

I can’t believe everything these puppies already know! They’re working on house and crate training, wearing his harness, they are little tugging maniacs, I can’t even list everything they already know!

I wish I had more time to post, but I’m swamped with work and trying to get everyone ready for my trip, including me! I do need the input of your wisdom- I need a name! I do want to stick with the “M” theme I have going. This is my last pup for a long time so I thought it would be cute to stick with the theme. I have a few front runners, but would love suggestions. I won’t name him till I meet him, so you have a few days to let the names pour in!

He does have a registered name already: Embee’s Stupendous Man. But the call name is killing me, I just don’t have anything I’m in love with, so lets hear it folks! Let the “M” names pour in!

(I should add I have one non-M name in mind, but if you all inspire me maybe I can keep with my theme!)


Poor Sick Girl

Poor Sick Girl

Nothing major is wrong with the girl. Just a bout of Colitis. Most likely brought about by the last 5 nights of fireworks, intermittent storms and the neighbors Pit Bulls incessantly barking and howling out their misery. (The neighbors seem wholly unimpressed and getting animal control to help hasn’t happened yet.)

The problem presented with a case bad bloody diarrhea which sent us to the vet this afternoon. I figured I could wait but if I did it would for sure end up being some emergency that we would have to go to the ER vet on a Sunday. The best way to guarantee it will be something serious is to wait it out until I’m paying that hefty ER bill.

They also checked for UTI, which seems clear, but we’ll wait for the lab results to come back. I love my vet since they clearly recognized tearing Maizey away from the spot she had buried herself in my side would be further trauma to her. Instead they bought the ultra sound to us to take her urine sample. It was really interesting! They use the ultrasound to guide the needle into the bladder, thus preventing contamination of the sample and letting them check out if there are bladder or kidney stones at the same time.

So 216.00 dollars and two medications later at least we know we won’t be making an emergency trip tomorrow. Also, can I just say, Maizey is one of the most high maintenance dogs in the world, but she more than makes up for it in face hugs!

On a lighter note only 18 days till I meet our new boy! YAY!!


Company for Colds and Sicknesses

I had two days off in a row, which is some kind of record for the last few months so of course I came down with a miserable cold. I’m fighting to keep it from going into my chest, but I’m losing. I’m afraid I’m getting bronchitis. I’ve also been having a string of bad migraines so I’m feeling pretty lousy.
Company for Colds

My pups have been very good company. They are so patient when I’m sick. I really value having dogs that are happy to get up and go with me, but can also kick back and keep me company when I need to lay low.

When Magnus was a puppy I was really sick. I was in a severe depression and slept a lot. He as such a good boy to sleep with me even though he was a puppy. Looking back on the blog I don’t think that really comes through in my posts, but it was not the best time in my life. Being down today made me start thinking of this next boy puppy coming into my life. Actually nearly everything makes me think of the puppy.

It will be so different this time. With Maizey and Magnus I wasn’t a working mom. I had much more time than I do now. But being such an introvert I also had to work harder to get them the socialization they needed. We already know I didn’t do a good enough job with Maizey, but with Magnus I really did work hard to get him the socialization he needed. Socialization will be built into this next little guys life as he’ll be coming to work with me quite a lot. That means lots of people and dogs will be built into his life from the beginning.

Remember the battle I had about what do with Magnus and puppy class? Thank goodness I ended up taking him to Calling All Dogs as that was the beginning of my eventually working there. That’s another difference with this puppy. His first three classes are already scheduled out. He’ll start visiting classes as soon as he comes home, then start his own puppy class in the beginning of September. It will be really interesting to be a student in a class I teach now.

So many things are different with this guy. He comes from wonderful lines, Embee Cavaliers has already sent me health certifications on his parents, and grandparents. His first weeks of life have been totally different than my two monkeys. He has been getting early stimulation, good nutrition and wonderful love from day one. Those are all things Maizey certainly didn’t get with her rocky start and things there was no way Magnus had in a puppy mill.

All of this adds up to me being incredibly unworried about this little guy. I was such a worry wort with my last two. I had a list a mile long of things I wanted to accomplish with them. Some of which we’ve done and some we haven’t got to yet. With this guy my only expectation is to love him and have fun.

In general I’m just in a much more settled place, which is funny since many things in my Real Life are the same and some even worse, but the one thing that’s not the same is I’m not sick anymore. I’m stronger and happier and I guess that’s sort of the bottom line with this post. If you suffer from depression, don’t give up. Sometimes things don’t change, but take a lesson from my dogs and sleep when you need to sleep, get up and go when you can, sit in each moment for what it is and just let it be. I know it’s easy to say that and hard to do it, and harder still to remember it when you’re in the pit, but make a note today and let your dogs remind you when you need it.

On a final lighter note, my new little guy needs a name! I have two front runners in mind and think I want to stick with the ‘M’ theme so does anyone have any ideas? Leave me a comment with your favorite puppy name!


Puppy Dreaming

3 weeks

This is one of 5 puppy’s born to Molly (Mysticmoon’s Danika) on June 15, 2012. Mary Beth has been kind and trusting enough to place one of her precious pup’s with us and I am just thrilled. I’ve been buying puppy things like crazy and am getting really impatient to meet my puppy. We are waiting for temperament tests to be done when they are a bit older and then Mary Beth will choose the right puppy for us. Until then it I’ll just keep dreaming about these adorable faces!

(Photo posted with permission of Embee Cavaliers, please do not copy.)