You’ve never been smothered until you’ve been smothered by a Cavalier. We call these face hugs. They’re a Princessface Maizey specialty.

Does your Cav do this or something similar?


Cavalier or Any Other Breed Query: How To Groom the Teenage Boy Dog

I haven’t been able to post lately cause every spare waking moment I have has to be spent grooming Magnus.

"See how pretty I was at nine months?"

I remember Maizey’s hair getting to this stage when she was his age, but she had much less hair and has always been much more tolerant to grooming than he is. Perhaps you remember her cocklebur debacle, which if it had happened to Magnus would surely have resulted in his getting shaved to the skin!

He seems to be giving me a run for my money when it comes to just getting brushed. Even though he is submitting to the nightly grooming ritual, he certainly doesn’t love it. I’m settling for tolerance out of him, but I would prefer a bit less misery for the rest of his grooming life.

That will come with Handling in my new Training Levels books, but we don’t get to that until the end of Level Two. Until then I’m trying to make it as pleasant as possible with liberal application of treats and not pushing him too far past his tolerance.

In the treat department we’ve found using the squeezy cheese bottle as a bribe for them to be still works wonders. Just lay it next to the current grooming torture victim and the very hope of some of that elixir of the dog gods squeezing out seems to lull them into complacency.

(Since I posted a similar picture for WW, there seems to be some concern that I’m overdosing my dogs on squeezy cheese. Let me insert the disclaimer that very little cheese is actually dispensed and you must admit it makes an hilarious picture!)

"Squeezy cheese-the solution to all grooming ails!"

Magnus further complicates the grooming issue by insisting on tramping through every weed and sticker patch he can find. His hair is just long enough the stickers go straight to the skin. The ones that don’t make it to the skin make an instant mat.

So Cavalier Query: What kind of grooming tools do you find most helpful? What kind of shampoo, conditioner and detangler? Do you use a slicker brush? He hates his, and settles most easily with a natural bristle soft brush.

The most important query of all: How do you reach those hard to reach places? I know most people are sane and groom on a grooming table. I don’t have one, and Maizey has always been like grooming a rag doll So I mostly just flop her upside down and brush her belly, under her legs and chest. Magnus doesn’t love that near as much.

Please help me out with your vast experience! If you want me to be able to post about Maizey’s Tricks Class, Magnus next class, or any of my new found knowledge from my new Training Levels books please help me not have to spend so much time brushing tangles, snarls, and twigs out of this teenage boy!

"Why do you think we'll be hard to clean up? We're not that dirty!"


Cavalier Query: “What Are Little Boys Made Of?”

Remember Mother Goose? She had so many pearls of wisdom to share with young impressionable minds. One of which some consider to be an early commentary on the stereotypical roles of boys and girls:

What are little boys made of, made of?
What are little boys made of?
“Snaps and snails, and puppy-dogs’ tails;
And that’s what little boys are made of.”

What are little girls made of, made of ?
What are little girls made of?
“Sugar and spice, and all that’s nice;
And that’s what little girls are made of.”

Stereotype or not, Magnus is putting the truth of this nursery rhyme to the test. In the process he is also putting my patience to the test.

How so?

For instance, one little girl dog and one little boy dog go outside. They go out in the same yard, spend the same amount of time zooming the same course around the garden and yet when they come inside four little feet look like this:

Four little feet look like this:

Want to guess which one is the boys’ feet?

Yup, the dirty ones. I mean seriously! What does he do? Dance in worst muddy puddle in the whole yard? I think I could handle it better, but look at Maizey’s feet, barely a speck of dirt. “Sugar and spice and everything nice?” Well, it’s at least nice for keeping my floors clean.

And the part about snails? Well you would think that was just an exaggeration that rhymes with “puppy dogs’ tails.” Apparently no one told Magnus it wasn’t to be taken literally.

Last year we had a slight snail infestation. Snails are not high in my list of favorite things. I find them quite disgusting. Apparently no one told Magnus that either.

Twice now he has proudly and happily brought me a dead snail shell. Yuck! The snail shells are really putting my “always throw a party when Magnus brings me anything” rule to the test. Have you ever had to act excited as your little boy puppy obediently spits an old snail shell right into your hand? It’s not easy! What makes it worse is we have been diligently working on him bringing me his most valued possessions in exchange for something else. But why do his most valued possessions have to be so gross?

It’s not that Maizey has never done anything gross on her life, she is a normal dog after all, but Magnus leaves me wondering if any one else has observed this phenomenon in their Cavaliers?

Today’s Cavalier Query: Are your boys more “boy” than your girls? Are your little girls really sugar and spice and every thing nice?

In Magnus defense it is impossible to resist this face:


Cavalier (or Any Other Breed Query): How Do You Walk Two Dogs At Once?

First, a special thanks to all you have joined the 2011 Walking Challenge! Many are off to a banner start, especially those who live in warmer climates than the frigidly cold weather we have been having. (You know who you are and you know I am jealous!) It’s exciting to have so much support.

Thanks to Kathleens’ thoughtful suggestion, I made a badge for us all to post on our sites if you would like to. If you have any suggestions of how to make it better please let me know!

Miss Kodee and Becky passed along this great site to help figure out and track mileage. I have been playing with it and it is super cool. I also have used google maps and google earth, but I think I Map My Walk even better.

Be sure to update me with our progress in a comment in any post, it doesn’t have to be a walking challenge post. Again if you have a good walking story to share feel free to post a link, I will love to read everyone’s adventures!

Query: How To Walk Two Dogs At Once
I’m just full of questions lately! So here’s another Cavalier Query for you:

How do you walk both of your dogs at once?

Now I know there are a lot of rules about loose leash walking and both must be good on leash before they go together and all that jazz. . .

Be reassured both dogs are getting plenty of individual practice. But I really need to be able to walk them together sometimes. Time is short, energy is low, the weather is lousy and I am doing good to get out there at all, let alone twice, or whatever the case may be-I need to be able to walk them both at once sometimes.

So I want the inside scoop here!

What kind of leash do you prefer? Leather? Nylon? Flexi-lead?

How long is your leash? Six feet? Four feet?

Do you use one of those dog couplers that lets you use one leash and have two dogs on the end? (I hesitate to think the kind of chaos that could create when they decide to zoomy around and tug on each others ears!)

I prefer a nice 3/8 to 1/2 inch, six foot leather leash for one pup, but two nice 3/8 to 1/2 inch, six foot leather leashes, each with their own dog on the end is not working well for me either. (Insert sighs and rolling eyes here!)

What about different kinds of walks? When we walk by the river we use a long line for more freedom. I have a pretty good setup with a 15′ long line with  hook on each end, and I hold onto the middle. Keeps tangling down, my hands are free for c/t’s, it can be gathered up for nice walking. It works pretty well, but what better ideas do all you brilliant people have?

And what about taking a nice stroll through the city with two dogs on one sidewalk? You know the quick jaunt around the block? How do you make that as fun and leash tangling free as possible?

Once again I beg and thank you for the benefit of your wisdom. We have 361 miles more to go and need your advice to make it happen!


Cavalier (or Any Other Breed) Query: Should a Puppy Have This Many Teeth?

This post was supposed to be about Maizey’s eyes, but that is a subject with too many big words for me today. Crazymomlady has a crazy cold and is generally just dragging.

Instead I am begging the wisdom of you’re expertise. . . again.

I have been watching for Magnus big boy teeth to come in.

"I don't have too many teeth, do I?"

Watching. . .

And watching. . .

Every day checking if his sharp little shark teeth were starting to fall out.

Then today I did our daily check and. . .

Ackk! He has two sets of teeth! Almost all his grownup teeth are coming in! One set of teeth was plenty on Magnus the Destroyer, two is just overkill.

So the query: How do you help a puppy through teething time?

I seem to remember that Maizey’s teeth just fell out on their own. I even remember one that fell out in my hand. I wish I had been blogging back then so I had better records. But what I don’t remember is all of her teeth coming in at once before her other teeth fell out.

I am also worried that if his baby teeth don’t fall out then his bite will get messed up. Cavaliers tend to have bad teeth already and a messed up bite can cause more problems.

Magnus eats out of Kongs, sometimes frozen, sometimes not. They get about one marrow bone a week. He eats out of those too. They get Bully’s to chew and right now we have beef trachea, the chewie from the heavens.

"I think all my teeths are cool!"

He has ropes and tugs,some made out of fleece, one out of sisal twine, which he loves. Occassionally they get a rawhide. Right now they have been getting frozen and dried yam chews, another gift from the dog treat gods.

So what else can I do to help this process along? How do you keep your pups comfy when all their teeth come in at once? That just can’t feel good. Do you have a chewy that works the best for teething?

While we are on the subject of teeth how about keeping the big boy, or girl, teeth clean for life? What are your tricks of the trade for that?

Magnus thinks having two sets of teeth would be great, but I’m not so thrilled with the idea so please please chime in with whatever comes to mind!


Cavalier Query Results: How Big Is Your Dog?

As requested here are the very unscientific findings about Cavalier size from the recent post: How Big Is Your Dog?

Size, Proportion, Substance
Size – Height 12 to 13 inches at the withers; weight proportionate to height, between 13 and 18 pounds. A small, well balanced dog within these weights is desirable, but these are ideal heights and weights and slight variations are permissible.

"Whew! All that math just plum wore us out! Our Crazymomlady is smart, but math is not her strong point. Can you believe she had to use ALL our toes to count?"

13 adult dogs weights ranged from 10 lbs to 20 lbs
Eight females averaged 14.8 lbs
Three males averaged 17.2 lbs

Unscientific Conclusions:
After looking at pics of many of the above mentioned pups I realized that what I thought of as a high weight doesn’t necessarily look heavy on an adult dog.

Pretty much all of us agreed that just two to three pounds can make our pups too heavy. Two pounds on a 12 pound dog like Maizey really makes a difference in the way she looks.

As for the size difference in breeds across the lands, no matter what the actual scientific evidence is, I think we all agreed the trend to breeding extremes in any way can have serious detrimental effects on our 4legged friends.

"You have a question? Well leave us a query and we will answer you cause I'm Magnus the Brilliant!"

But my thoughts on breeding are a whole other post! Thanks for all the response. I thought this was really fun and informative.

Do you have a Cavalier Query? You don’t have to own a Cavalier, maybe you just wonder what this breed is all about. Or perhaps you are considering adding one to you family and have  a question you always wanted answered. Maybe you are already loved by one and like me would like to compare notes.

"I'm more than a pretty princessface ya know! I can answer all your questions!"

Whatever your curiosity is leave it in a comment any time I will make a list and start posting all our questions. If you do leave a question make sure to leave a link or email me privately so I can let you know when your question will be answered. If your question requires a visual aid, please feel free to email me a photo so I can include that.

Small Print:
I did not include Magnus in the figures of this unscientific study since he has not begun to reach an adult weight.


Cavalier Query: How big is your Dog?

Since these are my first two Cavaliers I always find myself with random questions about them. Usually these not things that are of much import, but things that you would only know you are owned by a Cavalier.

Thus I give you the feature where I beg all you Cavalier folks to share your expertise and experience! If you aren’t owned by a Cavalier feel free to leave what kind of 4legged friend you are owned by and any relevant or interesting information about your breed.

Thus I give you the first Cavalier Query:

How big are your Cavaliers?

Are your boys bigger than your girls?

I ask since Magnus is ginormous! I don’t know, maybe he is trying to live up to his name or something, but today he weighed 10.5 pounds. He is not even 5 months old!

Maizey is now only 14 pounds, which is about two too many for her. She hovers closer to 12 pounds most of the time. But she has her winter and there’s a puppy in the house weight right now.

Magnus the Huge is almost as tall as her, and he is such a big-boned boy. And no I don’t mean that as a nice way to say he is carrying too much weight, he is literally BIG boned.

So if I can impose on you one more time, do you think American bred Cavaliers are bigger than others? I have read of a trend in America to bread them larger. Frankly, I am not fond of that idea at all. Our little pups have enough genetically stacked against them, they do not need the added complications of being too big for their bodies. But that’s enough ranting for today.

I am Magnus the Ginormous! I will tackle my sisser to the ground!"

So please satisfy my curiosity with your brilliant insight into this and all future Cavalier Queries!