June Photo a Day 6: Hat

Today’s photo a day prompt was:


I must say this photo a day thing keeps me thinking. Today I had a really good idea with absolutely no time to execute it. So I kept looking and looking for hat pictures. I came up pretty short and finally settled on snoods pics.

How do you find inspiration for photo a day?

(Thanks to Sophie and Subie for being such good sports and posing for photo’s with the crazy sombrero!)


The Ones We’ve Loved and Lost

Early this morning we lost one of our favorite 4legged friends. Levi was a our friends’ heart dog and we’ll miss him. My heart goes out to his mom and family.

As each one does, this loss has me thinking of the ones I’ve loved and lost. As a sort of tribute to the wonderful heart dog Levi was I want to share my lost heart dogs here. Each dog has their own lessons for us. Some get into our hearts more than others, but all stay with us forever. My aim is to take what each of these dogs has taught me and use it to be a better dog mom, trainer and teacher. In that way they stay alive with me even though they are gone in the today.


Little Man


I have to give Summit, our Alaskan Malamute a mention even though I don’t have access to a photo today. The lessons he gave me were some of the hardest and most valuable of any dog I’ve ever had.

Have you lost a heart dog? Give them a mention here and if you want say a bit about what made them so special. . .

When you can’t remove someone’s pain, sometimes all you can do is sit in the space the other is in and keep them company. Let’s all keep each other company in this space of loss. Thanks everyone.


Snoods are Good

Since was all serious business and ranting around here last week I thought I’d let the Monkey’s lighten the mood by FINALLY posting thank you pics of them in their Embee Cavaliers’ snoods.

We think snoods are just an evil conspiracy to humiliate all Cavaliers!


Snoods may not be good, but the foods you get wearing a snood is liplickin' goooood!


When I first saw snoods I though I would never use such a humiliating torture device on my Cav’s.Then I actually got a Cav and learned how much grooming is involved and now I’m very thankful Mary Beth was generous enough to give each of my pups a snood in her giveaway. More on my grooming woes later, but suffice it to say if you don’t want to spend hours each week cleaning bits of goopy dried food of all sorts out of Cavalier ears you’ll want to invest in an Embee Cavalier snood. Trust me it’s worth it.

I thought about doing a whole bit on desensitization of the snood before you put it on.  I have to admit I haven’t done it myself and chose the lazy trainers route of just putting it on and letting the yumminess of whatever sloppy, messy, and thus yummy to them, food I give them do the work for me. Magnus of course still doesn’t love it. He basically doesn’t love anything resembling handling, or clothes, or harnesses, but he does love the num yums he gets when I put it on so I think his association with it is will be okay over time.

So after all this blah blah blahing let me get to the point and say THANKS Mary Beth, I love their snoods!

Magnus doesn’t think I should be able to post anymore humiliating pictures of him after last weeks Speaking of Dog’s where he made his newspaper debut as a but sniffer, but a little humialtion for the greater good of comic relief is okay so I didn’t listen and now you all get to see how cute they look in their little “bonnets”. Thanks again Embee! You guys are the best!


Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Gambit and Rupert



Two of our best 4legged friends, Rupert and Gambit, are moving to a land far, far away. As a tribute and a goodbye, I thought we’d share with you what awesome boys they are. We’ll miss you boys and your 2legged family too!


The Winners Are. . .

The time has come for the first ever Lessons From 4 Legs giveaway to come to a close. The giveaway marks the six month mark of our year long Walking Challeng. I’m happy to announce a new Walking Challenge total of 1,657 miles!

That is truly an amazing collective achievement and we’ve also had many individual accomplishments over the last six months.

To celebrate all of our success I’m happy to announce the winners of the Halfway Giveaway.

Congratulations to Elizabeth, Cocoa and Oreo, the winners of the first drawing.

Together they’ve walked 88 miles since joining the Challenge in March. For all their effort they will soon receive custom made fleece leashes with matching fleece balls. Cocoa and Oreo are two fun loving poodles who live with their mom, who’s a master at saving money. Check out Oreo’s Oval Office, Cocoa’s Corner and pick a coupon clipping tip from their mom.

Our second winner is one of our best 4legged friends.

Dare and her family of five other of our favorite 4legged friends keep their mom on her toes walking and training them. They not only reported that they are current on their goal of 365 miles in 365 days, they’ve surpassed that goal by over 100 miles! They currently have over 500 miles to their credit. That’s truly amazing and we’re thrilled they have enjoyed the Challenge so much. They’ve done so well that Marie set a new goal for the year and hopes to reach 1000 miles. They’ll soon be enjoying their very own snuggle and fun pack of a fluffy mat and their own fleece tug toys.

Chispita and Beth are the winners of third drawing. They recieves this honor for doing her own post about the Walking Challenge.

Chispita and Beth set a unique goal to walk seven hours a week. They’ve so far enjoyed over 68 hours of walking fun together. For their hard work they’ll recieve a special clicker trainers package that includes a treat bag, treats and a clicker. If you haven’t read Chispita’s Walking Challenge post I highly recommend hopping over and checking it out. While you’re there why not join Fun Friday with Beth and Chispita?

The giveaway has been really fun! For you lucky winners please email me an address to send your prizes too.

We’re halfway through the year folks, lets keep up the hard work and finish out the year with a bang!


Monday Miles: Country Getaways

To keep with the epitome of laziness I’ve been this last week, Monday Miles is late getting posted. But we really do want to know how the week went for everyone so lets hear those miles folks!

We managed 11 miles, bringing us to 119 for the year. We are on a country getaway to take care of Dare’s 4legged friends while she went on vacation with her mom and dad. It’s been a great trip! I planned on walking a lot down here, but there’s so much flooding our regular routes are closed and when we got down here I got into vacation mode and didn’t do near as much as I thought I would.

Magnus can fill you in on what we did instead:

"We got so lazy when we got here we didn't even walk much, instead we just laid in the shade. My poor Maizey's eyes are itchy and bad, I tried to lick them better and I got in trouble!"

"Frisbee's the best game ever! I'm the fastest boy here and always get it first!"

"This frisbee thing is great, but sometimes I just see red when I'm playing!"

"This is our 4legged friend, Twist. He's a cool kid, he likes to play frisbee too!"

"Then my Crazymomlady said I had to quit playing and learn my new Training Level's stuff. Do I really have to learn EVERYTHING on this list??"

“By the end of the days we were so tired from all that playing we had to take up the whole couch to get our rest. Tomorrow’s another day of frisbee!”

We head home tomorrow, but it’s been a great trip and we hope to get in a couple more country walks before we head back to the city.

Until then, let’s hear those miles!


Walking Challenge: What Kind of Walk is Best For Your 4legged friend?

Thanks for the great response again this week!

Besides a new high of 1083.5 we have a new personal high and amazing achievement by one of our members.

Marie, Dare and their gang set a goal of 365 miles for the year. I’m excited to announce that as of yesterday, only a little more than five months into the challenge, they met their goal!

Yup, that’s right! They have 365 miles for the year so far!

Let’s all be sure to give them a pat on the figurative blog back, and a huge round of blogoshphere applause!

Congratulations guys!

A Successful Walk
So what makes a successful walk for you and your 4legged friends?

One thing I’m hearing from the WC members is variety. Seeking out new places to walk, different routes and different times keeps things fresh.

But I know routine is one key to Marie’s success.

I’m finding both things to be a key to our glimmer of success, that and sunshine seems to really help.

I recruited the help of a friend of mine who has a Cattle dog mix named Hooley to walk with us once a week. That routine and commitment really gets me jump started with a good chunk of miles for the week. Each week we try to choose a new route so we keep the variety in there too.

But those are things that make the walks fun for me. What makes a walk fun for our dogs?

Debbie talked about this on Fearful Dogs’ Blog last week. If you haven’t read , “It’s Not Just the Walk” you should, it’s well worth it.

Debbie points out, “Walks for dogs are about exploring, tracking, hunting and playing. Exercising a dog on a treadmill or on leash with business-like efficiency, while they have their benefits, is like getting calories from fat by eating a chunk of lard rather than a bowl of ice cream slathered in hot fudge. The job gets done with the lard, but a lot is lacking from the experience.”

She makes a good point that could affect all of us in the Walking Challenge. While a concrete miles goal keeps us motivated lets remember our 4legged friends don’t measure success by miles.

Success to them is being with us, exploring, sniffing, and yes, even rolling in smelly goose poop (Magnus and Bert) or dead things (you culprits know who you are.)

While those things may not be high on our list of priorities lets remember Debbie’s wise words, “Dogs need exercise and when no other options are available I suppose any movement is better than no movement. . . I take my dogs out on walks because it’s what dogs like to do. It’s what I like to do with dogs.”

This week lets think in terms of what makes our Walking Challenge miles fun and rewarding for our 4legged friends. I would love to hear from you all what your favorite aspect of your walks and what your pups are enjoying the most.