Being sickie is sad

Being sickie is sad

Two years and half years ago one reason I brought Magnus home was because it became clear Maizey was not going to be able to go out and about with me and feel safe. Today I am leaving Magnus home from a walk for the second time this week because it’s just too cold and he’s not healthy enough to go. Never could I have thought I would be in this position again so soon.

On Thursday he had a blood test and his platelets dropped another 200,000 in 10 days. They were at 204,000. Within normal range, but not safe range for him. He’s not suffering or anything, but clearly doesn’t feel good and it’s time to be super protective and not exhaust him. He has so little stamina. He sleeps a lot. Since it’s only 13 degrees outside it’s plain too cold to put even a short walk of strain on his body. I’m just discouraged.

Thank goodness for Calvin. One little positivity thought: Calvin is getting a lot of one on one mom training time and is a good friend.

  • Debbie Dust

    ((Katie)) I hope Magnus is feeling better soon.

    • Katie

      Thanks Debbie! I hope so too!

  • Dawn

    Aww.. I’m sorry to hear Magnus is feeling down. He’s so beautiful, it’s sad to think he doesn’t feel well. So stressful for all the rest of you too. Just went and read about Calvin…what a character! He’s a nice distraction I’m sure. Hugs to all 3 of them!