Wordless Wednesday: Frisbee Boy


Our Favorite Treat Dispensing Toys

Maizey loves the Tricky Treat Ball

We love treat dispensing toys. They make feeding time into a game, giving the pups a mental workout and a lot of fun. We love them so much my dogs rarely eat out of bowls. Today I started them both on their fall time cleanse and it’s a sort of gooey liquid that doesn’t lend itself to toys. I also give them a squirt of fish oil once a day and that also makes a mess of their toys and my floors. So this morning I fed them in bowls and they both looked at me like, “MOM! What’s this and where’s my toy?? This is bo-oring!!” So tonight we went back to toys.

The Tricky Treat Ball is definitely their favorite. I brought it home for Magnus, but Maizey is actually the one who loves it the most. It’s a giant, bright orange ball with a big hole in it. I thought it would never work, but with the way the hole is shaped it only spits our two or three pieces of kibble at a time. The dogs have to roll it a certain way to get the food out. They love it.

Tied for favorite is what we affectionately call the bottle monkey. It’s a soft monkey with a plastic water bottle in it. I turned the bottle around so the spout sticks out. I stuff it with kibble, smash the top and the dogs have to toss it around to get the food out. Charley used to be pickiest eater and bottle monkey’s cured him. He loves dinner time now!

The bottle monkey runs a close second

I’d rate the Tug-A-Jug a super genius toy. The treats only come out when they’re at the end rope end of the toy and the rope gets pulled out. Magnus loves it, but he’ll bring it to me after a while with a look like, “This thing’s broken again, please make it give me a treat!” It just makes Maizey mad and she tends to take a wack it as hard as she can over and over until it gives up it’s goods attitude. It’s funny, but I don’t let her have it much. It’s a good treat toy, but not great for feeding out of.

Of course we love the old faithful Kong. At work one of our customers asked me how many she should have. I just laughed and said I’m sure people survived with one but I probably have a dozen of all shapes and sizes. My favorite thing to do with a Kong is make a Kong lasagna. Start with kibble then layer canned food, banana, or something else gooey, another layer of kibble, etc. I will seal it with some peanut butter, but I try to keep the peanut better to a minimum since it’s so high in fat. Don’t forget to freeze it to up the difficulty level.

We also love the Hol-ee Roller, though you have to get very big treats to make it a challenge. What I mostly love it for is a bully holder. You never heard of a bully holder? That’s cause I’m usually the bully holder and trust me I don’t love holding onto a smelly bully for Magnus to slobber all over me. So weave a bully through a couple of the holes and voilà! Instant bully holder.

"This is soooooo gooood!"

"Hol-ee Roller? More like Holy bully holder!"

And finally our most low tech food dispensing toy, the two liter bottle. It’s noisy, especially on the hard wood and if a dog could get any plastic off of this I would never let them have it, but mine don’t have a problem with that and they love it. I drink tons of carbonated water instead of soda and I just take one of my two liters stuff some kibble in it and smash the spout end flat. It’s good for at least 15 minutes of good clean fun!

I was not paid for these reviews, just sharing some of our fav’s and now I want o hear from you. What are your dogs favorite toys?

If you want to check out more awesome dog products Crystal did a great post about her favorite  dog products.

I still think the dogs need to eat out of bowls sometimes, but I know they much prefer all of their toys. If at this point you’re thinking how spoiled my dogs are, you’re right, but a very wise woman once told me, “spoiled is just well loved.” She was right!


Calling All Members of Our Walking Challenge Support Group

I’ve fallen off the Walking Challenge Wagon.

I haven’t had a decent walk in two weeks. We’re still getting some miles here and there but nothing that’s feels dedicated or is going let us finish our miles by the end of the year. This week we haven’t walked at all.

So I’m recruiting help. One of you wise WC members (I think it was Carrie, sorry if I’m wrong.) once described the challenge as a “dog walkers support group”, well guys I need support!

It really, really matters to me to make our miles. Though you’d never know it when it comes time to walk. Sigh. So let me tell you what’s happening and maybe as I tell my support group it’ll help me get inspired.

Work. I love my new job, but as anything new tends to do it’s taking a lot of my physical and mental energy. I’m also looking at getting my CCPDT certification and my CAP1. So a lot of my online time has gone to reading and researching those things. Also I’ve been an evening walker since mornings have never been my friend, but now with work in the evenings that’s harder. It’s getting dark at like 7 and I just don’t feel safe walking after it’s dark any later than that.

I’m writing a bit for a local paper so my blogging time has been going to that. I’m thrilled with that opportunity and it doesn’t take much time but it’s more of a mental thing again, since it’s one more thing in my head. My first column was called First Things First if you want to check it out.

On a personal note I have mono. If you’ve never had mono you can’t really believe how exhausted it makes you. Consequently I’ve been spending a lot of my non-work, non-home hours resting. That’s been a huge factor this last month. That’s been one of the things that’s been hard to figure out, cause I want to make my miles, but I’m having a hard time getting out the door. I think just not feeling good has a lot to do with that.

So. . . there’s what’s up. Now what am I going to do with it? Hmm. . . Yup, this is where I get to in my head every time too. So. . . Can you sense my lack of inspiration?

Okay, down to business.

Reasons I need to walk:

  • I want to.
  • Magnus needs too.
  • Maizey’s getting to the point where she may be able to walk a bit more.
  • Winter’s coming and I really want to be in a good routine since winter challenges me all on it’s own.
  • I really want to finish what we all started. It matters a lot to me.
  • I’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment from succeeding.
  • I committed to all of you and don’t want to let the team down.
  • It works with other goals, like losing weight.
  • It’s good for my physical and mental health and will help me get my strength back.

Wow! That’s a lot of reasons! So let’s see where we’re at. We have 14 weeks left. We need 173 miles to make our goal. That’s 12.3 miles a week. 1.75 miles a day.

That should be doable, but I’m not feeling too committal right now. I guess that’s my story. Now, I’m hoping someone has some inspiring suggestions for me on how to get this done.

How’s it going for all of you? I haven’t heard from anyone since I haven’t been doing Monday Miles, so can we get back on track together? What are you doing to stay motivated and finish up the year?

I feel better just writing this and as I come up with some inspiration I’ll share with you, but please let me hear your ideas too!


My Maizey Is Back!

For the first time in months tonight I felt like I had my old happy Maizey back. She’s been doing really well, but tonight we had out first trip out without one reaction!

It was our anniversary last week and when Mehusbandy asked me what I wanted to do with our day of course I told him I wanted to take the puppies to the park. Perhaps not the most romantic anniversary, but perfect to me! We had a great day! That day Maizey and Magnus zoomed and zoomed and then they zoomed some more. After they got their crazy out they settled down on their mats while we all chilled out. It all went great until a man with three unleashed dogs showed up, but even then we managed well. That was a good day.

Today was better! Of course we didn’t meet any dogs, but we planned it that way. All we did was go run some errands, see some friends and picked up the big work truck. But in all that she was so happy.

She always been such a little people social butterfly that it’s been so hard to see her shy away from meeting people these last months. Even family has been overwhelming to her at times, so tonight when she was whining and pulling on her leash to get TO our friends I was just thrilled. It’s funny how perspective changes with circumstances since normally whining and pulling on me would not be something I was happy about, but tonight I was so happy to see her happy I actually just sat back and watched her “be bad.” Don’t worry, it won’t be something we let become a habit.

There were just so many things that would have spooked her just a few weeks ago, but tonight she just did great. Not one bark all night, even when she had to wait in the car with people coming and going around her she laid down! On the way home from the park she laid down in Magnus’ crate with him, but those are the fist times I’ve seen her relax in the car in months.

All in all it was just so nice to have her with me and be able to relax a bit more as she was able to have fun. I hate to say it, but I almost forgot how much fun she is! I hope we keep seeing progress and we have a long ways to go when it comes to dogs, but being able to leave the house and stay under threshold is a great step in the right direction!


One Year Gone, Still Missed

One year ago today we lost Meeka.

Grief is like waves. Some come crashing down in a thunderous boom, some wash over you rearranging the sands of your grief. All loss tosses you into that ocean. Wish for only the waves that roll softly in and gently rearrange your grief in a way that lets you continue to heal. Ride the ones that pound you into the sand secure in the knowledge gentler waters will come.

We still miss you Big Girl!

One year ago today, still giving us a grin.


Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Gambit and Rupert



Two of our best 4legged friends, Rupert and Gambit, are moving to a land far, far away. As a tribute and a goodbye, I thought we’d share with you what awesome boys they are. We’ll miss you boys and your 2legged family too!


Relaxation Protocol Day 4 Session 2

Taking a step back was a good idea. Today’s RP was uneventful and gave Maizey a chance to have some success. Now we can build on that success tomorrow.

Going to be a busy day though. I work and have my normal Tuesday night meeting, so Magnus and I need to walk early. Real early. My mom gets the pin out of her toe tomorrow and I just don’t want her to go do that alone so add in a doctors visit. I need to pick up a new bottle of Maizey’s Fluoxetine which means a trip to Costco. (Have you ever bought Prozac for a dog from your pharmacy? It’s pretty funny. They always say, “Is this for a K9?” With that look non-dog people reserve for really crazy dog people. It cracks me up.) Anyways, with all that I guess RP will be fit in there sometime after work and before the evening gets busy. Whew! I’m tired just thinking about it!

It’s my 4legged lesson for today though: When Real Life gets crazy and you already have those daily dog do’s planned into your day it provides such a calm time to slow down and enjoy your pups. It’s yet another reason dogs are good for stress relief,

And on that convoluted thought I’m going to sleep!